There’s a New Free Emblem Available in Destiny 2

Yesterday’s TWAB post didn’t have much new information in it, but it did contain something of interest to Destiny 2 players — a new emblem code. Hidden in the post’s text is a code that will unlock an emblem called Harmonic Commencement.

The code for the emblem is VXN-V3T-MRP. Players can enter this code at Bungie’s code redemption page. Once you’ve done that, go into your Collections in Destiny 2 and head to the General tab of your emblems. Scroll all the way to the right, and you should see the Harmonic Commencement emblem. Pull it from your Collections — making sure you have at least once empty spot in your inventory — and it’ll show up as collected.

The Harmonic Commencement emblem is pretty simple, depicting an optical disk on a wavy background. It appears to be a reference to the PlayStation home screen, as you can make out the shapes of the PlayStation’s buttons floating on the banner. Destiny 2 has featured a number of PlayStation crossovers thus far in the Season of the Deep, with Eververse ornaments available referencing games like God of War and The Last Of Us. 

Players aren’t thrilled that the PlayStation-inspired cosmetics in Destiny 2 this season are Silver-only, making them obtainable only by paying real money. Unlike those ornaments, however, the Harmonic Commencement emblem is completely free. That’s something, at least, but it still is a bit of a bummer that unlike the previous Fortnite ornaments, players can’t get the Kratos, Aloy, or Jin armor sets without buying them for Silver.

What do you think of the Harmonic Commencement emblem? And how are you enjoying the Season of the Deep thus far? Let us know in the comments below.