The Witcher Season 2 Premieres in December

Netflix tossed some more coin to the Witcher.

Netflix’s successful The Witcher adaptation — based on the books more than the game but sharing quite a bit of DNA from each — got a greenlight for a season two almost immediately after the first season premiered. Our culture of just binging TV shows means the wait for them to actually, you know, make the second season was interminable because everyone just watched The Witcher all at once.

Well guess what, you still have a few more months to wait. The Witcher season two premieres on December 17.

Netflix announced today through Netflix Geeked, a weird branding label for all things nerdy and feels more like a pejorative than a marketing scheme, alongside the also seemingly-existing WitcherCon.

I never actually committed to watching The Witcher but I presume this is good news for everyone that is preparing to tell their family that they don’t feel comfortable flying this Christmas and just want to stay home. Now you can stay home with Henry Cavill!