The Volt & G7 Scout Are Back on the Ground in Apex Legends

Finally the Volt and G7 Scout are coming out of the Care Package.

Praise the Allfather, both the Volt and G7 Scout are coming out of the Care Package in Season 14 of Apex Legends. Confirmed during a preview event held by developer Respawn Entertainment, these firearms will finally be making their return as floor loot. Replacing them will be the Bocek bow and the Rampage light machine gun, which marks their first time going into the crate.

For the unfamiliar, the G7 Scout has been in the Care Package since Season 11 when it replaced the Triple Take. As for the Volt, this gun has only been in the Supply Drop since Season 12 and initially swapped places with the Alternator. Both of these weapons have been fan favorites since their introduction, with both seeing play in casual, ranked, and competitive matches.

The G7 Scout in particular is quite popular due to its range and harassment potential but often underwhelmed as a Care Package firearm. Alternatively, the Volt has always been potent — especially with controller players who liked fighting up close.

Respawn did not elaborate further on any balance changes surrounding these two guns. Typically, this is something they save until the patch notes drop either the day before or the day of the new season. What we do know is both the Bocek and Rampage will be taking their place.

Both of these weapons are quite potent. It’ll be interesting to see how Respawn buffs them. I imagine the Bochek will have both the Shatter Caps and Dead Eye Hop-Ups and the Rampage will just get a small damage boost. While we don’t know if the gun will take Thermites, it would be pretty cool to see this weapon come with one in the Supply Drop so players could charge it up.

Along with all these changes, there are also several different weapon balances coming this season. Perhaps the biggest is the Wingman will now take Sniper ammo instead of Heavy. The Spitfire will also switch from Heavy to Light ammo and the Skullpiercer Hop-Up is making a return. You can also expect the EVA-8 to receive a fire rate increase both with and without a bolt. Finally, there will be a new attachment called the Laser Sight for submachine guns and pistols which greatly reduces hip-fire bullet spread.

All of these changes will go live on Aug. 9, 2020 when Apex Legends Season 14 goes live.