The Uncharted Film Has a New (Hopefully Final) Release Date

Let's do this one more time, y'all.

After a handful of personnel changes and a delay in production, the Uncharted movie starring Spider-man star Tom Holland has a new, and if the people involved have anything resembling luck, final release date.

According to a report from Deadline, who has really been on this story over the past few developments, Nathan Drake will finally be on the big screen on March 5 of next year. This is just under a three month delay from the originally scheduled December 18, 2020 release date, and comes after Holland’s shooting schedule for the next Spider-man movie pushed production of Uncharted back, costing the project both development time and its sixth director Travis Knight. According to another Deadline report, Ruben Fleischer, the director behind Venom and Zombieland 1 & 2 is next in line to take on the director role.

The Uncharted movie won’t be a direct adaptation of any of the games by Naughty Dog, but instead will take place in protagonist Nathan Drake’s younger days as he learns to be a master treasure hunter under the guidance of Victor “Sully” Sullivan portrayed by Mark Wahlberg. This probably means it will take place shortly after the flashback sequence at the beginning of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, which showed the duo meeting after Drake managed to thwart a heist Sully had been setting up, impressing him.

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Whatever the story ends up being, the film will be the first movie developed under the PlayStation Productions banner, which is a branch of Sony specifically dedicated to making TV and movie adaptations of PlayStation properties. While there’s also a Twisted Metal adaptation confirmed to be in the works, Sony has been tight lipped about any other projects that the company is cooking up.

Maybe they’re the ones who are handling the Sly Cooper TV series that miraculously disappeared from the original animation studio’s website last year. God knows Sony’s video game division’s not doing anything with the series.