The Stories of Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim Are Not Canon

Though they're not "real truths" of the game's universe, the events of Hooked on You still carry a "sort of seal of approval" from Behaviour.

In a recent interview with Fanbyte, Mathieu Côté, Game Director on Dead by Daylight and Head of Partnerships at Behaviour Digital, said that the stories of Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim are not canon. Players should know that whatever events simmer on Murderer’s Island are not “real truths of the world of Dead by Daylight.”

Let’s say Hooked on You reveals The Trapper to be really into lying nude on the sand as he watches the waves crash on a lovely summer day, posing for you to take the perfect picture of him all the while. This is not something he will reference in the main Dead by Daylight game; it will not be a real thing in that game, period.

But even though the stories, behaviors, and quirks of the characters of Hooked on You aren’t canon, they still carry a “sort of seal of approval” from developer Behaviour. Côté says Murderer’s Island is to be seen as, “a place where things happen, [the characters] are taken from a real place, but while they are in that space, what they do has no repercussions.”

After conceiving of Hooked on You, Behaviour began speaking with several different game development companies and hearing their pitches for the project. In the end, they went with Psyop, who is most famous for having made the quirky (but critically panned) visual novel known as I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator, because of their pitch for Hooked on You to be reminiscent of OVAs.

“One of the ways that they presented it to us was the idea of that beach episode, which is a big trope in a lot of anime,” Côté says. “Usually, in these cases, these episodes are understood to be a joke; they’re tongue in cheek, they’re kind of outside of the real world.”

This setting ultimately lets the authentic elements of these characters from the main game — in which everything is canon in the Dead by Daylight universe — serve as inspirations for the characters on Murderer’s Island. For a mainstream example players can look to for a better understanding, Côté makes a comparison to the mirror dimension from Doctor Strange.

“You don’t change them [these characters] completely. Obviously, it’s funny because The Trapper is still The Trapper,” he says. “But you can do things in that setting that you don’t need to live with forever. Or they don’t need to make sense in the grand scheme of Dead by Daylight, which is a very serious game; there’s a lot of drama. We need to keep that intensity in that story and that seriousness of that world we’ve built so that it makes sense and so that we can expand and build upon it.”

It makes one wonder what other kinds of projects exploring the Dead by Daylight universe are in the works. Perhaps on the opposite end of Hooked on You could be an episodic narrative adventure that shows the lives of several survivors before they were captured by The Entity.

The survivors’ in-game text biographies tend to be easy to ignore, so something like this could spring these biographies into supplementary text for larger emotionally-driven stories. I’d love to see one for my girl Jane Romero so that I can get a glimpse into a life deeply molded by motherhood, fame, and the struggle to climb to the top of the entertainment world as a woman. One can dream.

Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is out today on Steam.