The Sims 4 Spa Day Pack Gets a Makeover of its Own

The developers are changing things up with new cosmetics, QOL changes, and mani-pedis.

Sul sul simmers! Today, Maxis released a new trailer and then livestream on its YouTube for a “refresh” of The Sims 4’s  Spa Day Pack. The devs explained during the stream that the refresh is taking an older pack and adding more material to breathe new life into it. This is a Game Pack, so it’s additional add-on game content, new clothing, gameplay features, and objects centered on a specific theme. One of the original devs of the pack, SimGuruPJ, came back to work on this refresh. If you already own the pack you won’t need to repurchase it, as its content will be automatically updated for you when it launches on September 7. 

New Features Added:

  • New Wellness Aspirations 
  • High Maintenance Trait 
  • Earn Simoleons through Wellness
  • Manicures & Pedicures 
  • Facial Masks
  • Yoga & Meditations for Children 
  • Fingernails & Nail Polish (is CAS) 

Three New Aspirations: 

  • Self Care Specialist: An aspiration based on making money through wellness. From 
    • Reward Trait: Self-Care Expertise: Become a famed Self Care Expert, gains notoriety much faster. 
  • Zen Guru: An aspiration to master the Wellness Skill and share your teaching with other sims, hoping to pass your knowledge on to a successor. 
    • Reward Trait: Calming Aura: Gain the ability to calm other sims around you and become a beckon of chill. 
  • Inner Peace: Finding harmony and challenging yourself 
    • Reward Trait: Clear Perspective: Sims can have a breather and a moment of clarity. Gets rid of their negative emotions and helps

The trailer opened and right off the bat, the first tweak in gameplay is at the spa where your sims can get manicures and pedicures. This is exciting because there’s never been an option before in create a sim (CAS) to select something as minute as finger/toenails before. The designs are to die for. I appreciate the attention to detail in giving folks fingernail shape options, from stiletto, almond, square, oval nails, etc. This might be small, but it’s a new aspect of The Sims 4’s creative expression.

The developers teamed up with Sim modder Exbonix Sims, who spoke on the stream about how she gathered inspiration from Pinterest. As a person who looks on the app for designs to show my own nail technician, I could relate. Hearing this applied to the creative process made it special for me. The team also added more variations to previous spa day items, such as colors and small details like adding the spa day logo to the instructor yoga mat. The clothes from the original pack had a massive color swatch addition.

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Along with all the cosmetic items, sims can now have the High Maintenance trait and will require significantly more care and wellness than other sims. When their needs are met, they reach a state of catharsis that negates all negative emotions in their stats. But be warned, activities that abate their needs can sometimes result in a negative mood. 

The refresh also allows the whole family to benefit from the Spa Day Pack’s perks, as children can now access yoga and mediation, which develop motor skills and mental skills respectively. They can also develop likes and dislike for Wellness, and if you have Parenthood yoga and meditation helps with emotional control. The devs also added wellness clothes for kids as well. 

With the refresh, you get a mini-fridge and two new cucumber meals. You can find the mini-fridge at the spas in the world or buy it and put it in your house. The Mini-fridge also allows you to purchase face masks, which grant new buffs for sims and effects that last long after you’ve taken off the mask. But be careful though, leave it on too long and your Sim will become uncomfortable. If you apply too many face masks in a short amount of time, your sims can have a bad reaction. Like a rash on their face, which sounds painful. There is a special animal face mask for toddlers and kids.

One major thing in the refresh is now your ability to earn money through Wellness. In the original pack, your sims could only participate in these features as a consumer, but now they can start their own business. Your sims can purchase portable equipment so you can set up shop and provide service virtually anywhere in all of the worlds. Portable equipment, like massage tables, yoga mats, meditation stools, and chairs, will be your best friend allowing you to set up shop at the beach or a park. You can make classes public or private through invitation, as well as advertise their business on Simtagram, the Sims version of Instagram, to help draw in customers. 

And finally, the refresh will let you give manicures and pedicures to customers as a self-care specialist. I’m excited to choose between the different types of nail shapes and between gloss and matte polish finish. They have a specially curated menu, as well for the nails Ebonix Sim created for the pack if you choose not to apply then in CAS. One important thing to note is that if you apply nails in CAS your nails will always remain intact, but if you get them done in-game you relieve buffs but they do deteriorate (which adds a nice sense of realism). 

This is the first time that the Sims team has updated a pack, and from everything the team showed, I’m actually excited to try out the Self Care Specialist career. I hope we see more packs refreshed like this, adding more and expanding on previous content. It’s unclear if these refreshes will branch out to expansion packs with worlds like “Island Living” and “Get Famous.” If they do, I feel like “Island Living” and “Realm of Magic” could definitely use a refresh, the dev team can immensely expand on gameplay features with the mermaids and witches.