The Plucky Squire is the Coolest Game I Saw This Week

But we also covered a lot of ground in this week's TFTK

One of the best parts of going through such a busy time in this industry is being able to share reactions with a bunch of unbelievably smart, kind, and talented people like the ones on our staff. I loved talking to Diego Arguello and Paul Tamayo this week for Thanks for the Knowledge, my weekly games and entertainment recap show, about the biggest announcements from a jam-packed week of them. We covered Geoff’s big cool show, the extremely impressive Day of the Devs showcase, and the always entertaining Devolver Digital showcase.

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We covered quite a lot of ground but honestly we only scratched the surface of most of these reveals. I want to quickly go deeper about one game we chatted about: The Plucky Squire. Revealed at Devolver’s event, this gorgeous 2D storybook game melds a ton of genres into one very cool-looking adventure, but that’s only half the story, as protagonist Jot can leap out of 2D into the real 3D world outside the confines of his pages.

It’s the first game from All Possible Futures, a new studio helmed by Jonathan Biddle of The Swords of Ditto fame and James Turner, who worked on Pokemon Sword & Shield as an artist. You’ve got to see the trailer for yourself, so it’s below as well as links to the news referenced in the episode and a transcript of my conversation with Diego and Paul.

Topics covered on this week’s show

Transcript of discussion with Diego Arguello and Paul Tamayo

John: We are in the very thick of Hot Game Summer 2022 and this week we had a couple of really big showcases. One was Geoff’s big show Summer Game Fest 2022. The other was Day of the Devs. Both had some surprises and some cool stuff announced and to unpack a lot of it. I wanted to talk to two of my favorite people here at One is featured contributor, Diego Argüello!

Diego: Hi. Hi. Hello. Thank you for having me.

John: Of course. And the other is the producer of this very podcast. It’s Paul Tamayo!

Paul: Hello! How’s it going?

John: Pretty good. I want to start with Geoff. Should. And I was going to write a piece about this, but then I felt like for whatever reason in writing, it felt mean, but in podcast, it doesn’t.

Can we talk about the vibes of that show for like a couple minutes? First of all Geoff’s fit. What did we think about the the jacket over the t-shirt? What do we think about the shoes? What did we think?

Paul: I’m going to try to be nice here I think in general, I would love to see developers just not do that more often.

I think that that’s the sort of like staple,

John: I

Paul: not that Geoff is a developer out their presenting stuff is games or whatever, but yeah, just in general that fit needs to be retired. I would love to see either you go all the way like fully suited and booted or just go casual, but the half stepping for me doesn’t work and yeah. And speaking of stepping, I just haven’t really been a fan of Geoff’s shoe selection. That’s putting it lightly. I will say points for trying? I don’t know Diego, what do you think?

Diego: I’m not- you’re probably the best person to talk about this stuff because I know shit about fashion, basically. I only wear like black shirts. I’m working there like though, but-

Paul: I respect a good uniform though.

Diego: Thank you. Yeah, I think I’m glad that I just didn’t see like blue jeans right off the bat. But that’s like the bare minimum.

John: Yeah. I don’t, I think that the blazer over the t-shirt thing is so it’s so far beyond parody at this point.

It’s amazing that people still do it. But yeah, I don’t know. And also, I just thought it was so strange that everybody that Geoff asked to come on the stage was just like, This is the most amazing production I’ve ever seen. Congratulations on an amazing career. Geoff Keighley, we love you and respect everything you’ve done for this business.

Thank you so much, Geoff Keighley. And he was just like, ah, it’s not about me. I shucks, just every single time. It was a really weird vibe. It was an odd vibe. Also. Also I lied at the beginning. I said there was some cool announcements. There were no fucking cool announcements at these shows. It was a Geoff’s thing day of the devs, I think was amazing, but I still want to talk about some of the stuff that Geoff show. Guile has a beard now.

Paul: Goatee.

John: Challenging, because it’s weird. I don’t like it. Yeah I was disturbed by it. It Mike did a good- Mike Williams, a friend of the site actually a worker at the site, but we asked us what we say around here. Did a Photoshop of Guile’s hair, but as his beard. So it’s like flat and big.

And I thought that would have been a way better choice for Guile.

Paul: I dunno, I feel like I would’ve seen Guile at the riot on January 6th. Like that’s the kind of vibes that gives me.

John: Yeah. I was surprised that Guile showed up at the game awards- the Summer Game Fest, because I thought he’d be at the the hearings. Yeah. But yeah, I thought that was odd. Okay. So we did see some trailers mostly stuff that we already knew about already from summer game Fest. Diego, I’ll start with you what stood out to you as something you were excited about from Geoff’s showcase.

Diego: Yeah. So there was this indie from last year which I can’t remember- ahh Routine! Which was showcased like in a very brief trailer, which was a shame because I think Geoff kinda mentioned like, oh yeah, this game, because we in development for a decade and a lot of people were excited about it and I knew nothing about even the name of it.

And I look at to see like a spot light on that moment to I’m talking to development. Even if it was like, like a prerecorded Zoom call or something. Because we saw the spotlights for games. I dunno, like Call of Duty or Gotham Knights so he said yeah, we seen these like same version of the same trailer, like a thousand times already.

John: They spend 20 fucking minutes on the last of us at the end of this thing. And we couldn’t know about more about Routine? Yeah. I totally agree.

Diego: I don’t know. I think it was a shame because there were a couple like interesting indies in there, but they were just like crammed up. It’s like all this stuff.

John: Yeah. Routine is interesting. It’s been in development for more than a decade. They, the team from the UK lunar- lunar software, they announced it right ahead of Gamescom 2012. And they had a trailer up for it and you can go watch it on their YouTube channel. Kind of bare bones.

Like it doesn’t really give the vibes that their most recent trailer did that they have four videos on their channel. One is that announcement. One is an alpha announcement, which was like a year later. And then five years after that, there was a quote release date announcement trailer, which looks very different.

And this is called the re reveal. So it’s clearly went back to the drawing board at some point. If you go to their website, it says what it is. It is survived. You can upgrade that little gun camera thing that you saw. But they say it’s like a last resort. So it sounds like you’re going to be sneaking around a lunar base.

It’s like an eighties based vision of the future is what they’re calling it. And out of all the space-y horror games that I saw at Geoff show I was most interested in that one. So I agree with you, Diego. I thought that was one of the highlights. Paul, what did you what did you see that you like?

Paul: I do want to also echo Diego sentiments here. That was my favorite Dead Space game that they showed yesterday. (John and Diego laugh)

John: Out of the four they showed.

Paul: The other one that really stood out for me, which I hadn’t heard about. I don’t know if this was the first time that you showed it. Maybe they showed it previously, but Witchfire stood out for me. For reasons that I can’t really put my finger on. I just love the general like speed and the sort of like frenetic energy of what we saw. And there’s something funny and silly about basically like doom in the middle ages sounds sick to me and something that my ancestors would be happy to cheer me on as I shoot through many medieval folks let’s just say. But yeah, that looked really cool to me. And I dunno, I thought there was some things from the Geoff show that I thought looked pretty cool that I might check out that I will, I’ll just forget about.

And then it will be like, oh, it’s out today. Or it’s on like game pass. I’m like, oh shit cool. Yeah. But yeah, that one was definitely a standout for me.

John: Yeah. I I thought that looked cool. Was that the trailer with all of the, Doom metal music in it?

Paul: Yeah, it looks a lot like doom, it looks like Doom and I dunno, Vermintide or a Back 4 Blood kind of thing, but yeah. It’s, I dunno. It looks fun.

John: Yeah. Magic and shooting and yeah no that did look pretty cool.

Diego: It’s funny about that project because it was announced, I think a couple of years ago, I think it was like an Xbox Showcase. And the premise is there’s people in the lead development team from the Painkiller and Bulletstorm teams.

But I think also it’s the developers that worked on The Vanishing of Ethan Carter which was like these, like walking, I don’t want to call it a walking simulator. It was like a decent walking simulator for a couple of years ago. And when it was first showcased, I was like, okay, yeah, this is going to be like Painkiller.

And then he went quiet for a year and there was like this development update. And they were saying like, oh yeah, it’s more like a looter shooter now. And I was like okay, that’s solid then. What we see yesterday was kinda like Doom. So I don’t know what’s going on with that game.

John: Yeah, it’s kind of a trend to see these games that were announced Witchfire was actually announced. It was revealed for the first time at The Game Awards in 2017. So also Geoff’s event many years ago at this point. And yeah they made The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, which is like not at all like this game that we just saw which I think is cool.

And they and but you’re right, Diego, it definitely, it has gone through another transformation, just like the routine team seems to have gone through. But yeah I thought those were definitely interesting. My, my really, honestly, my biggest takeaway was the fact that Neon White and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge are coming out next week.

That was, those were two big announcements for me that made me. Once to go get a physical calendar and circle June 19th and just get super excited about it because Neon White is the the new game from Ben Esposito. He made Donut County. Again, I love it when devs make a game and then their next game is so fucking not the last one they made.

Neon White is amazing. If you haven’t played the demo on steam, it’s. It was a really fun time. First person kind of card, like deck building very fast paced heavy on the speed, running tech shooter. And I’m really excited for that. Obviously the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game that has Dot EMU they were largely responsible for these Streets of Rage 4 game, which is one of my favorite games of the past couple of years. (Diego and Paul agree in unison)

So very excited for those.

Paul: Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. Seeing those two games in particular definitely made me excited like, oh shit, this is, that’s like right around the corner. I love that kind of excitement. Another one that stood out for me which I was surprised by, to be honest, was the game from, I think the Genshin Impact folks, the Zenless Zone Hero. I like- Genshin kind of just bounced right off. I bounced right off of Kenshin rather like I, for various reasons, I just I, but mostly for the aesthetic and tone and just overall presentation reasons. Like I just couldn’t vibe with it.

But if you give me like a futuristic- urban futuristic take on that kind of formula, I’m like, Okay. I tilt my head a little bit, like a dog interested or like here’s a dangling oh, I think this might be, to quote Fernanda, Paul catnip. This might be for me but yeah, that outside of that, I didn’t know that humankind’s DLC was coming for like a Latin American DLC, which I was like, oh shit. Okay. I might need to check this out. Investigate real quick. But I’m curious about that. I like, I haven’t even, I don’t know really tend to bother with those kinds of games. It just, again, there’s just not my, in my wheelhouse, but I am curious.

I got it. I got to admit I am. I am pretty curious.

John: Michael Higham was cracking me the fuck up on the call. Just going “oh shit, we can download Latinos now! This is amazing.” It was, yeah, it was really funny. Yeah, I thought that was interesting. There, there were, like we said, four sci-fi space shooters discussed. One is obviously the Callisto protocol, but then we saw two others that looked alarmingly similar.

I, that I’ve, I feel bad for all of those games in various ways ’cause they all bleed together for me. Especially on one presentation. Yeah, I don’t know. I like Geoff’s show had a few bangers. I admit, but I felt this one kind of went pretty long and didn’t give us a whole lot of new stuff.

I felt like a lot of the new stuff is really in Day of the Devs, which we saw right afterwards rounded up a lot of Indies. Diego, I’ll start with you again. Like what stood out from you for this showcase and what are you excited for?

Diego: Yeah, I I think the what if I could start with something that isn’t a game- w one of the, one of the other parts, I think it’s wait, let me search for the name because I want to- Greg Rice who is the head of PlayStation creators was wearing this amazing shirt. And they became obsessed by it. And they kinda missed like half of the games because I was trying to like track down the shirt with him on Twitter.. And he also oh yeah, I found it in New Orleans, but I don’t remember the store. And I said, oh, okay. And then like 20 minutes later, he’s oh no wait.

This is a store, like getting in touch with them and see if they can make one for you. So that was like my experience them. Yeah. That’s okay. I’ll say Bear and B reakfast look super, super cute. Oh my God. And also SCHiM, I think it’s called, I think it’s pronounced scheme, which is like that shadow game super nice.

I think we all have been seeing some gifs about the game for quite a while because he usually goes viral at least on or own cycles because it looks amazing. But yeah, I think the Day of the Devs presentation was. I don’t know, it got me excited after two hours of being-

John: Pretty let down? Yeah, same same. SCHiM looks really cool. If you haven’t seen it, you basically played this little frog-lookin’ shadow creature that jumps into shadows like water and looks like an amazing puzzle platformer and Yeah. I don’t know that looks amazing. Bear and Breakfast looks great. Imran insisted it should be called Bear BnB, which I fully agree with.

Paul: Missed opportunity.

John: Missed opportunity there, but that just looks so cute and so delightful.

We basically have a cute bear running a bed and breakfast and dealing with stuff around town. Yeah, those two definitely stood out for me. How did you feel about those?

Paul: Yeah I completely agree. SCHiM- Elise wrote a really cool piece about it on the site, how it reminded her of, just being a kid. And it, same with me. It reminded me of another 2d platform where that came out. I think it was last year or a couple years ago. I forget what it was, but you’re running across street signs and different things on the walls. It’s like that kind of stuff really taps into that kind of childhood imagination where you’re in the backseat of a car, just imagining someone, parkouring alongside you or whatever. And yeah, I think two other standards for me right off the bat where Animal Well. I think like for that was like the pixel art one that had some really interesting effects being applied to them, like in the lighting and physics side of things.

John: Yeah!

Paul: I know in general, we’re pretty tired of that aesthetic, but that one seems to be doing some pretty interesting things with the Metroidvania template that, yeah. I don’t know. I think I could see myself playing that. I liked it.

John: And they also use like a lighting in a really interesting way, which you don’t typically see with.

It looks like a lot of 3d rendered. Lighting effects in this kind of pixel environment, which is really cool. The devs also say that puzzles in this game could take people literally years to figure out, which is- your mileage may vary about how excited you are about something like that.

But I think it’s pretty cool.

Paul: Yeah, I’ll probably ignore it and then read about it on Fanbyte and be like “Oh shit, that’s cool.”

John: (laughs) Yeah. Like “oh wow someone solved that! That’s amazing.”

Paul: Yeah and then forget about it. But yeah, I would love to play that game in the dark on my big old 4k TV, with my Phillips hue lights set to, to zooted. And then speaking of which the other game, I think it’s called Naiad? The top-down swimming game. Really gorgeous color palette that again, that’s another Paul catnip zooted time.

I can’t wait to check that out and see what it has to say, because there was a moment where the character is swimming through one of the creeks or the streams, and then a car kind of passes into frame and I do like those kinds of, smaller, more poetic statements that come from developers.

‘Cause I don’t know. I think that’s, it’s nice to just experience those every once in a while.

John: Yeah, no for sure. One game that really stood out we had heard about a little bit about it, but we saw more of it at the day of the devs is Choo Choo Charles. And Choo Choo Charles is an open world horror action game, where you are being pursued relentlessly by a choo choo train that looks like a demon spider.

We learned more about the loop of this game from the developer. You are basically on an island. You find a train. Basically chased to it for the first time by this horrible entity that are cultists on the island that are trying to feed you to the train. There are villagers give, they give you tasks.

You are essentially supposed to do side quests and the explore and all this other stuff to build up the train stats in order to take down this awful creature once and for all. And it sounds stupid as shit. I know when I say it, I’m compelled by it. I’m very compelled by it. So we’ll see…

Diego: It’s like that one idea that they give you the pitch of the game and you’re like “yeah, how much money do you need?”

John: yeah. I mean I, it’s yeah. As a concept, I’m like sure. Okay. Being pursued by a spider train sounds interesting. And then I, you see it in motion and oh, wow. All right. I might be too scared to play this game, but I definitely want to watch someone play it that’s…

Paul: Oh, for sure.

John: …that’s definitely where I am on this. Yeah, but we saw some good, a lot of really good games, a couple of Japanese Indies there’s a game called Fox and Frog Travelers: the Demon of Adashino Island, which is yeah, very cool. It looks like, pre-render it PS One backgrounds, which is.

Amazing. I wish that I hope that aesthetic kind of re catches on because I feel like that’s, I feel like a pixel Renaissance has happened and continues to happen, but we’re not seeing that many kind of callbacks to pre-render backgrounds from the PS one, which I wish we would. Yeah, that game looks school.

I I was very impressed with Day of the Devs. I saw a lot of stuff that I was excited to play and definitely kinda marked on my internal calendar. Anything else that people are excited about interested in maybe stuff that we might see coming up? Paul, what do you think?

Paul: Do we want to chat about Devolver Digital?

John: Yeah, I forgot about Devolver. I kinda missed most of the Devolver stuff and I caught up on it this morning. What did you see from there that you were psyched about? Cause I saw one thing we gotta talk about if you don’t.

Paul: Yeah, I think I know what we’re going to talk about, so I’ll save my excitement for that.

My all caps, excitement for that. But yeah, I think Cult of the Lamb looks really really cool. I didn’t expect that one to really, or I didn’t expect a game like that to really tip the balance of my excitement over other games I’d previously seen that day. But yeah, I don’t know like you said, there’s a, there’s an interesting aesthetic there, like like isometric, I believe, like kind of 3d ish space that you can move around and fight enemies.

And it looked interesting, like seeing all these really interesting art styles The Plucky Squire was another one It has this Zelda 2d vibes in a beautiful storybook. And then the character at one point jumps out of the storybook and it becomes 3d.

John: That was an incredible transition. When I saw that in the trailer for Plucky Squire, I was blown away because they, they seem to go way harder into that than I expected. I thought it was going to be this like moment to moment gimmick, but it seems like a really big part of the game, which is a really cool.

Diego: Yeah.

Paul: Yeah. And I like, it gives me like paper Mario, and It Takes Two vibes.

And those are two games that I, obviously loved to stare at, let alone play. So I yeah, it makes me, like you mentioned too, like about the art style thing, the kind of the Renaissance of certain art styles. It’s interesting seeing all of these really beautifully designed and, created crafted games.

And then, I was thinking about, was it last week or whenever when that Sonic gameplay was revealed. It makes me so sad that that we’re- some games in that, in that space continue to chase the hyper realistic vibe. When I think there’s a really missed opportunity to lean into some really old school or like resurrect really cool, like Dreamcast aesthetics or PS One aesthetics or, I think that sort of pendulum is swinging back in this direction where I think the younger folks are embracing those aesthetics or even appreciating them a bit. But yeah, those were games for me were definite standouts.

John: Yeah. I thought plucky Squire looked incredible. I loved how the character like throws a word into place to finish a sentence and they really lean into the story book thing.

I thought that was a really one of the most compelling trailers. I think I’ve seen in a really long time. And that comes out next year. But do we want to talk about the demon made of glass and pain?

Paul: Give it to me!

John: Because a game called Skate Story, which I think is a bit of a disappointing title for really what this looks like.

But it looks like fucking Skate 3, but through a lens of… god, I don’t even know how I was describing.

Paul: It’s A24 Skate 3.

John: Yeah. I think A24 Skate 3 is pretty good. Yeah. Like you are basically this hyper reflective skating demon that you’re made out of this like reflective glass. You are skating through the underworld.

It looks so fucking cool. I have nothing else to add. I just thought this looked amazing. I don’t know, Diego, Paul, I know you all pro probably both pretty excited about this.

Diego: I think we’ve been seeing this game for quite, quite a bit of time. Mostly again on, on Twitter, like the developer sharing, like just like showing snippets about it.

I think I recall a tweet from like last year or something around that time. We also like, yeah, we have like some more news soon. And as soon as I saw , I like, ah, they got the deal. But yeah, he looks it looks fantastic. And he is also made of glass.

Those red, big ball that kind of yeah, you have to escape through the underworld. Okay. I don’t know how much of they’re going to lean on like the story side of Skate Story. But I’m intrigued by it.

John: I’m definitely intrigued. I am worried in the same sense of just like, where does this go?

Because like how much of this is being sold to me as an aesthetic and a vibe, because it’s that’s not worthless. I think that’s great, but I’m also curious about I’m also curious about how in-depth things go with it.

Diego: Yeah. Especially like the game play side of things, because he’s, it’s one thing to see, like this kind of like concept trailer, because it is game play, but you don’t really know how you’re going to be controlling the character or how you’re going to be doing tricks.

If it’s going to be complex as it’s going to be like more oriented to . I don’t know, but I’m sold by this, but I really want to know more about the minute-to-minute like moments

John: yeah, for sure.

Paul: Yeah. Yeah. I am very curious about the story half of the equation here of what’s how it’s, how things are going to be told.

I imagine it’s going to be very like, dreamlike very, not on rails, but you got to have to move in a certain direction, I dunno like a Rez or a Sayonara Wild Hearts or something like that, which are two of my favorite games of all time, I’m always here for the sort of really trippy gorgeous aesthetic dreamlike game.

That even if it doesn’t say much, I think just the experience of playing it or it was like, just, for me is one of the reasons why I come to video games. Like I it’s one of the reasons why I love playing these kinds of things and experiencing them in this way, because there’s just no other way to to experience that sort of thing.

Even just watching the trailer, it makes me so excited to just get the game in my hands. And I’ve seen this thing for years. Like we’ve all seen it for years. I remember seeing a demo of it way back when, and then I remember seeing it again at I think at Game Devs of Color, one year.

And so I’ve been eagerly anticipating this game for what feels like a lifetime. So I’m trying to not let the hype get to me too much. Just so I want to meet it on its own terms and be kind to it in that regard. But yeah, I I’m very excited for that one.

Diego: Yeah. But you’re also going to be like rewatching the trailer, like 50 times a week.

John: Yeah, it’s definitely one every watched a lot that and Plucky Squire of rewatch those through trailers like 10 times each we have them all collected over at if you want to check those out, we have those for the Devolver showcase for Day of the Devs, and of course, for Summer Game Fest 2022 I expect some stuff to be announced this week, we have like more stuff on Sunday when this airs. Monday. Is there anything on your radar that like could get announced that you might be excited about? Or are you just kinda being open about it? Diego, I’ll start with you.

Diego: Every passing year I asked for The Darkness 3 and every passing year, I don’t get The Darkness 3, so I’m ready to be disappointed again.

But I’m also going to say I would love to see something about Fable. I also believe in my soul that project is in the early days. Yeah.

John: Yeah. That makes sense. Paul, what about you? Is there anything on your radar that you want?

Paul: Yeah. I’ve heard some rumblings of Forza things.

So I wouldn’t- by Forza, I mean Forza Motorsport proper mainland series.

Please, Paul. [British Accent] Mo’osport.

I’m sorry. Mo’osport. I gotta get ready for Friends Reunion.

John: Gotta get ready.

Paul: (laughs) But yeah I’m curious because I’ve been playing a lot of motorsport games in the past, several months, if not over a year now doing, especially doing sim racing stuff.

Yeah I’m very curious to see like what they are, if they, if it even shows up at all, if we see any sort of rumblings, but I would love to see like some stuff, gameplay modes, what they’ve been up to because we are hope they’ve been up to something. I would love to, I would love to see a return to that series.

And especially with, on the heels of GranTurismo that just came up a couple of months ago which is in a, such an awkward place at the moment. It would be nice to just maybe even have another option, even with F1 2022 coming out and F1 Manager, which I cannot wait for, which I’m going to devour when they officially release.

Yeah. That’s one thing I’m really looking forward to or hoping to see.

John: Yeah, no, that’d be good to see what what they get up to after we see, do they react to Gran Turismo 7 in any sort of direct way? ’cause I’ve definitely been enjoying that game and yeah, playing Forza Motorsport again would be cool to see what they- what they got.

I fully expect us to have to see something from Starfield, like not just bad developer commentary and concept art. Like I feel like we got to see something, some sort of game play loop. I know they delayed it already. I know they’re basically setting us up for. Not having anything concrete, but it would be interesting to see something from this team because I don’t know, it’s a very suddenly. It feels like even though it’s not sudden at all it feels like Bethesda needs like an actual hit, like an actual kind of a reason to be excited again, because I feel like Fallout 76 was not only not a great game, but also we heard this week just about a bunch of crunch issues with that development.

And yeah, I don’t know. It’s it’ll just be interesting to see what what Bethesda’s got up its sleeve this weekend. Yeah, Diego, I know you’ve been playing The Quarry. I wanted to ask you about that game. How is it? I know you’ve been talking about it on Slack, but have you been playing too much of it to actually give an opinion on it or or could you recommend it?

Diego: I hope. Right now. If you asked me this yesterday, I think my response would have been different, but it seems interesting. It’s the first supermassive games tied to a play from like these plethora of games like Until Dawn and the The Dark Side Chronicles and such they’ll play like back to back.

I only have seen Until Dawn in lets plays and such, and it’s been interesting. I liked the base choice games like narrative games in that sense. I think I got too attached to my characters and forgot that this is facing like a slasher horror, flick. People were expected to die and I didn’t want them to and they had two very in my opinion, cheap deaths toward s the end where I lost basically like five characters in this span of 15 minutes and I was so mad. But I think it’s, I think it’s interesting. And it also like the, it has this big influence of like analog horror where everything feels like you’re watching a like a VHS tape.

Yeah, it’s interesting. I like what they’re doing with that. Like for example, if you use a life, you have the system if you beat the game or if you purchase, I think it’s the deluxe edition you get quote unquote, early access to that feature where it’s okay, if someone dies, you can revive. And you felt like these three lights to like restoring characters in the game.

And whenever you do it you’re like rewinding the tape which is cool. Yeah. I like what they’re doing with that. It’s interesting because it has a good cast of characters. Or you like the, sorry. Even if it’s cheesy, I think is Kind of cheesy, so yeah.

Yeah. I definitely recommend it. And brace for- to lose people on your first place. You won’t be perfect. Don’t make the same mistake that I did.

Paul: Not me.

John: Paul. You’re saying you would make it through the Cory with a hundred percent of your characters intact. Okay.

Paul: Mhmm. Yeah I’m built different. I’m playing on my wheel too.

John: Alright. Let’s get that on tape. I’d love to see it.

John: Yeah, I know it’s been a long week. I know we’ve been just like bouncing off the walls from regular game coverage to the stuff that’s being announced. I hope y’all- we’re recording this on a Friday. I hope you’ll have a restful weekend for the most part.

But yeah, we’ll if, keep it here at, we’re going to be covering all the announcements over the weekend and beyond and into the week we still have what feels like several weeks of this left and more was added. We’ve got the Final Fantasy VII update coming up this week with 10 minutes of announcements on that stuff.

We’ll have plenty to talk about this. But yeah, but thanks to Diego and Paul for hanging out. I appreciate it.

Diego: Thank you.

Paul: Anytime.