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The Last of Us: Part II Won't Be Getting DLC Like The First Game

There's no Left Behind equivalent in development.

It sounds like The Last of Us: Part II won’t be following in its predecessor’s footsteps when it comes to post-launch support, as Naughty Dog has confirmed it won’t be releasing a DLC add-on akin to the first game’s Left Behind expansion. So if you were hoping to see more of main characters Ellie, Abby, and Joel, it sounds like, short of a hypothetical third game, that’s off the table, for now.

During an episode of the Kinda Funny Gamescast, director Neil Druckmann said that there’s no DLC in development for The Last of Us: Part II.

[via IGN]

“No, with Last of Us I think we had some season pass or something that said ahead of time we have some story DLC – no there’s no plans for that,” he said.

Left Behind, which came out around eight months after the original game, was a prequel that expanded upon a story that Ellie told Joel at the end of The Last of Us proper. While there are some gaps in the story that could have made for a possible DLC, Naughty Dog seems content with the story The Last of Us: Part II tells as it is. Before this announcement, we’d talked on our spoilercast about some possible DLC storylines, ones that took place before, during, and after the game proper, but it looks like we’ll just have to sit back and wonder about them instead.

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