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The Last of Us Part 1 for PC Launches "Very Soon After" PS5 Release

The Last of Us Part 1 is out on PS5 in September, but the PC version may not be far behind.

While we already know Naughty Dog’s remake for The Last of Us isn’t a PS5 exclusive, a wait for PC may not take long. According to one dev on the project, a PC release for The Last of Us Part 1 could be “very soon after” its PS5 debut.

On Twitter, Naughty Dog senior environment texture artist Jonathan Benainous responded to a few fans after sharing the remake’s gameplay trailer reveal. As one fan shared their excitement for The Last of Us Part 1 on PC, Benainous tweeted it “should come out a bit later, but very soon after the PS5 release!”

That’s not a concrete date nor an official reveal, but it’s at least somewhat of a window. In official descriptions for The Last of Us Part 1, Naughty Dog only lists it as “in development for PC.” The game’s PS5 version launches on September 2. Whatever “very soon after” may mean, it hopefully eases concerns for folks still unable to buy a PS5.

Naughty Dog describes The Last of Us Part 1 as a “faithful remake” of the 2013 Joel and Ellie story. It’s been rebuilt for the PS5, incorporating the newer console’s DualSense features, modernized gameplay mechanics, and expanded accessibility options.

After the Ellie-focused sequel, Sony has kept the series in the spotlight with its HBO retelling (also based on the first game). And since The Last of Us is about to make its big televised debut, Fanbyte’s Kenneth Shepard pointed out months ago how this remake of the original was inevitable. The verdict is still out on how well that HBO series translates from the game, but I’m at least a little hopeful its writers will be good to Pedro Pascal as Joel.

As for Sony PC ports, they’re quickly becoming a new normal. The trend began in 2020 when Sony announced Horizon Zero Dawn was also PC bound. Then, last year, Sony created a PlayStation PC label for its first-party titles and moved away from its strict console-only launches. The platform-holder has since published God of War, Uncharted, Days Gone, and other former PS5 exclusives on Steam.

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