The Last Friend is Letting 400 Players Immortalize Their Dog in its World

The tower defense/beat-em-up hybrid is all about saving dogs in the post-apocalypse.

The Last Friend was one of my favorite things I saw at PAX South in the before times when events were a thing, and the tower defense/beat-em-up mash-up finally has a release date. You, too, can start saving dogs from a post-apocalyptic wasteland on September 30.

Now that a date is out there, developer Stonebot is running a new pre-order campaign that will allow a select few to immortalize their own furry friend in the game. The $49.99 “True Frens” Edition will be limited to 400 buyers, each of which will have the opportunity to work with the devs to have their dog integrated into The Last Friend. Those who buy the edition will be asked to provide photos and information about their dog at a later date.

For those who aren’t interested in having their dog be a part of The Last Friend, there are other buying options between Steam, Epic Game Store, and Switch as well:

Sometime next month, a demo called The Last Friend: First Bite will launch on Steam, Epic Games Store, and the eShop.

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Check out the release date/pre-order announcement trailer below: