The God of High School is Good Ol’ Fashion Anime Tournament Fighting

I’m a simple anime fan. Action-packed battles and fighting tournaments are the peanut butter and jelly of the shounen genre. From the classic World Martial Arts Tournament of Dragon Ball Z to the highly stylized (and comically over-narrated fights) of Kengan Ashura, punching each other bloody in the ring is one of the most familiar sub-genres in anime. Attempting to breathe life into this format is The God of High School, coming soon from Crunchyroll, which follows a group of friends battling its way through… Well, a martial arts tournament.

What originally started as a comic by Yongje Park that has a staggering 463 issues at the time of writing this, The God of High School is set to premiere as an animation series exclusively on Crunchyroll in July. The streaming platform recently released a new trailer showcasing some of the characters and battles in action. This also included a collection of fighter profiles in the company’s latest blog post that detailed the contestant’s power level, fighting style, and hit points — just like a video game.

In the press release we received, there were also some details on three of the main characters. Jin Mori is a 16-year-old who’s won 299 fights. They decided to join the competition after losing to one of the tournament judges. Judge R. Yoo Mira is high schooler apparently who doesn’t understand how dating works, as she’s entered the tournament to find a man strong enough to help revive her family’s lost technique. Finally, there’s Han Daewi, who in my estimation has the best reason for joining the skirmish. He’s trying to earn enough money to save his previous combat partner from a deadly disease.

You can check out the new trailer for yourself just below:

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I’ll level with you… It doesn’t take much for me to hop aboard with a good anime tournament show. Just give me smooth animation, memorable personalities, and engaging fights. I’m not really asking much! There’s something deeply compelling about the simplicity of the good ol’ tournament anime, as it rarely gets bogged down in filler arcs or needlessly long side adventures that pull away from the main story.

It also helps that most of the time the fights scenes we see in the trailer, so far, are simply stunning — especially in anime that focus on the spectacle of single fights, rather than stopping every second to explain whatever nonsense move a combatant knows. I’m looking at you, BAKI! If you can’t wait until July, a few anime with great tournament arcs worth checking out are Deadman Wonderland, Yu Yu Hakusho, My Hero Academia, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto (if you can stomach literally hundreds of episodes), and Food Wars. You should also give Haikyuu!! a chance, because goddamn if it doesn’t make volleyball actually exciting.

One more time, The God of High School premieres this July on Crunchyroll.