The Destiny 2 Season Pass is Getting a Price Hike

Today was a pretty meaty TWAB, as Bungie revealed new Strand aspects, announced changes to Trials, and officially revealed the Season of the Deep. Amongst all those positive announcements, however, was one that is likely to be less well-received by players: the news that the Destiny 2 season pass is getting a price hike beginning next season.

For the past few years, Destiny 2 has been a free-to-play game. However, much of the game’s content is accessible only to players who buy the yearly expansions and quarterly season passes. In the past, the season pass was 1,000 Silver — an amount of the game’s premium in-game currency that equates to about $10 USD. However, starting next season, players who purchase the season pass will have to pay an additional 200 Silver. The price of the season pass bundle that also includes ten instant ranks will also be going up, from 2,000 to 2,200 Silver.

Players who have already purchased the Lightfall bundle that includes a year’s worth of season passes will, of course, not have to pay any additional amount. This rate increase applies only to players who purchase standalone season passes. Also, the price of the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition is not increasing, so this may be Bungie’s way of subtly encouraging players to purchase that bundle rather that individual season passes.

$2 isn’t a huge price increase for the Destiny 2 season pass, and most dedicated players likely purchase the expansion bundles that include a full year’s worth of passes anyway. However, this move will almost certainly cause a bit of outcry amongst the Destiny 2 community. Given the lukewarm reception of Season of Defiance, the Season of the Deep will have its work cut out for it in proving to players that the season pass is worth the purchase.

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