The Callisto Protocol Makes You Feel Bad For the Dead Space Remake

There are a few “Dead Space” games coming, but one is coming first.

We got a glimpse at The Callisto Protocol back during June’s State of Play event and Summer Game Fest is here to give us a smidge more gore. Striking Distance is comprised of many folks who worked on the original Dead Space and it’s clear that they’re not straying too far from that game. In fact, if you blinked, you might think this was a full sequel.

The brief look at The Callisto Protocol’s gameplay shows our player character dealing with gooey undead hordes. Much like Dead Space, the name of the game is taking the limbs off the undead enemies. What’s changed is the gibbing of the bodies is vastly improved and the lighting is fantastic.

As the gameplay goes on, it actually gets more familiar. Is that the Plasma Cutter? That’s totally the Kinesis throw! You can stomp the enemies into paste and likewise, your deaths will be graphic and drawn out. Did you ever want to see a body ground up into sausage in real-time? The Callisto Protocol has you covered.

It looks Dead Space enough that I feel kind of bad for the upcoming Dead Space remake. The Callisto Protocol is coming out on December 2, 2022, while the Dead Space remake is coming on January 27, 2023. It definitely feels like the former game is going to steal the latter’s thunder, even if nostalgia is strong. It’s not even the only Dead Space-ish game at Summer Game Fest! Another title, Fort Solis, looks similar, with the only differentiation being that it stars Roger Clark and some other guy. And if you’re trapped in a crowd, the best way to stand out is to come out first. Of course, it remains to be seen whether any of these games will be good.

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