TFT Patch 12.15 Notes: Small buffs for Nomsy, Xayah, and Shyvana

Everything you need to know about this week's small, but notable TFT 12.15 patch.

Tacticians rejoice, we got you covered on the impending Teamfight Tactics patch 12.15 notes so you can be prepped for it’s release tomorrow! Today, Riot Games dropped the official TFT patch 12.15 notes, giving us a sneak peek at what we should expect for it’s . There aren’t too many crucial changes for this upcoming patch, but we’ve compiled the most important information about buffs, nerfs, additions, and changes for your perusal.

While even Game Design Director Mortdog says this TFT patch doesn’t have the most changes, it still has some notable alterations that are largely focused on combing out subtle power imbalances with a few units and traits.

TFT Patch 12.15 Patch Notes Rundown


  • Fixed Sona ultimate ability interaction with Zephyr
  • Fixed Thresh ultimate ability interaction with Zephyr
  • Bard has better ultimate accuracy for finding large clumps of enemies
  • Daeja has better ultimate accuracy for finding lines of enemies
  • Fixed Verdant Veil failed interaction with Frozen Heart’s attack speed debuff.
  • Star up VFX for Pandora’s Bench will update quicker, and more accurately.
  • Sy’fen’s bite is not able to be dodged during certain situations when he was CC’d and the target had dodge chance.


  • Augments: Eye of the Storm, Intercosmic Gifts.
  • Traits: Trainer’s Nomsy fireball damage, Shimmerscale items.
  • Units: Xayah, Lee Sin, Twitch, Kayn, Ezreal, Senna,


  • Augments: Stand United.
  • Traits: Jade
  • Units: Shyvana, Nami.
  • Items: Ornn Eternal Winter and Rocket Propelled Fist items.

tft patch 12.15 notes and breakdown buffs nerfs

Official TFT 12.15 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes from Riot Games.

Large Changes 


  • Radiant Relics and Golden Egg option, Quickestsilver (Radiant Quicksilver) Attack Speed: 45%


  • Shimmerscale, Needlessly Big Gem living units needed per 1 gold: 3 >>> 2
  • Shimmerscale, Mogul’s Mail Health per stack: 5 >>> 8 
  • Trainer 3 Nomsy Damage increase: +100% >>> +200% 
  • Trainer Nomsy Fireball Damage: 100/130/160/200 >>> 85/110/140/175
  • Trainer 3 Nomsy’s Fireball Damage: 200/260/320/400 >>> 255/330/420/525

Units: Tier 1

  • Ezreal Mystic Shot Damage: 175/225/300 >>> 200/250/325 
  • Senna Attack Damage: 55 >>> 50 
  • Senna Last Embrace base magic Damage: 275/425/600 >>> 300/500/700

Units: Tier 2

  • Kayn Health: 700 >>> 750 
  • Kayn Attack Damage: 55 >>> 60 
  • Nami Ebb and Flow Damage: 150/200/250 >>> 150/180/210 
  • Nami Ebb and Flow Healing: 175/200/225 >>> 170/190/210 
  • Twitch Attack Speed: 0.65 >>> 0.7 

Units: Tier 3

  • Lee Sin Attack Speed: 0.7 >>> 0.75 
  • Lee Sin Dragon’s Rage Damage: 280/360/480 >>> 295/375/495

Units: Tier 4

  • Xayah Health: 700 >>> 750
  • Xayah Attack Speed: 0.7 >>> 0.75

Units: Tier 5

  • Shyvana’s Flame Breath now always targets the largest clump
  • Shyvana starting Mana nerf: 30/60 >>> 0/60


  • Ornn Item, Eternal Winter Attack Speed Slow: 30% >>> 20%
  • Ornn Item, Rocket Propelled Fist Health: 400 >>> 350
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate Armor & Magic Resistance per enemy targeting holder: 18 >>> 16


  • Eye of the Storm bonus Ability Power for unit at the center of the board: 40 >>> 45
  • Eye of the Storm bonus Ability Power post lightning strike Ability Power: 120 >>> 135
  • Intercosmic Gifts Orb chance to spawn a second Orb: 50% >>> 100% 
  • Intercosmic Gifts Orb drop location shifted slightly higher to make it more noticeable 
  • Stand United Attack Damage per active Trait: 2/3/4 >>> 1/2/3 

Small Changes 


  • Cluttered Mind can now only be offered on 2-1
  • Lategame Specialist: Players no longer have to pick up the gold granted by Lategame Specialist. The gold is now deposited directly into the player’s gold bank once they reach Level 9 
  • Reckless Spending can no longer be offered on 2-1 


  • Jade percent max Health regeneration: 2/5/8/25% >>> 2/4/8/25% 

Units: Tier 1

  • Karma: If Karma’s target dies while Inner Flame is in the air, the projectile will now explode where the target died 

Units: Tier 2 

  • Ashe Volley Damage: 125/175/225 >>> 125/175/250

Units: Tier 4 

  • Corki Missile Barrage base Damage: 110/170/600 >>> 90/140/600 
  • Talon Shadow Assault target Stab base magic Damage: 120/200/700 >>> 120/200/1200

Units: Tier 5 

  • Ao Shin Lightning Rain Damage: 210/400/2500 >>> 225/400/2500 
  • Pyke Death From Below Execute max Health Threshold: 25/33/100% >>> 25/33/1%
  • Yasuo is now invulnerable when performing his execute animation 

Bug Fixes

  • False crescendo: If Sona’s Ability target is hit by Zephyr, Sona will now pick the next farthest unit instead of waiting for that unit to land 
  • Hit a skillshot would ya?: Thresh no longer occasionally fails to cast his Ability if he’s hit by Zephyr 
  • Re-tempered Fate: Improved Bard’s accuracy while searching for the largest clump. This change only affects situations where Bard’s enemies were all isolated (all next to empty hexes) 
  • Daeja will search in a wider line when searching for the most enemies in a line
  • Frostbite: Verdant Veil will no longer fail to prevent Frozen Heart’s Attack Speed slow on Away boards 
  • Star-up VFX indicators will now update more accurately for players with Pandora’s Bench 
  • Sy’fen’s bite can no longer still be dodged in specific situations where he was CC’d after his charge while his target had dodge chance items

When Does TFT Patch 12.15 Go Live?

The release date for TFT patch 12.15 is Wednesday, August 10, 2022. So, today you’ll be able to put your newfound Teamfight Tactics 12.15 patch knowledge in action.

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