Team Reptile’s Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Delayed to Summer 2023

The highly Y2K stylized Bomb Rush Cyberfunk needs a bit more time to cook

Team Reptile has delayed the release date of upcoming Y2K-style skating and mischief simulator Bomb Rush Cyberfunk to ensure they create a “fulfilling and unique game.” Fans can now expect to play this Jet Set Radio-inspired title sometime in Summer 2023.

The developers announced the delay through a Tweet posted Wednesday morning; in a reply the team also assured fans that they’ll be posting a lot more in-game visuals to show how Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is shaping up.

The full statement reads:

“About the release: We are convinced that releasing the game this year will not take it to a level where we would be personally satisfied with. To create a fulfilling and unique game we are extending the development time of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk to summer 2023.”

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a single-player action-platformer coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch with a focus on spray painting and sick tricks. Last summer at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase they revealed a really funky trailer and an original release date of 2022 (which has since changed.) In this era of Covid-19 game delays have been a much more accepted and expected norm, so this does not come as too much of a surprise.

Delays aren’t a bad thing at all though, it’s always great when developers get a chance to put some extra time and care into their work. Hopefully Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will be a better game due to this later release date, and we’ll finally be able to lose ourselves in that neon, Jet Set aesthetic all day long.