Tales of Arise Returns After a Year With the Promise of Upcoming News

I don't know Shionne but I trust her.

After almost a year of no news, Tales of Arise — the next installment in the Tales Of series — has returned with a brand new trailer. Along with the trailer comes a promise of more news to come very soon.

You can watch the new trailer below, which ends with the text: “Further news in Spring 2021.” In the video’s description and on Twitter, Bandai Namco says “spring is just around the corner,” and that the team has been working hard to make it “unforgettable.”

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Tales of Arise takes place in a solar system containing the two neighboring planets of Dahna and Rena,” starts a new official blurb on the title. “The inhabitants of Dahna have always paid reverence to their planetary neighbors on Rena – a planet they can clearly see in their sky – as a land of the righteous and divine. For the people of Dahna, legends and lore about Rena and its inhabitants have been handed down for countless generations, and through time, have become facts in their minds that have masked a cruel reality for the people of Dahna.”

Over the course of three centuries, the people of Rena have ruled over Dahna, “pillaging the planet of its resources and stripping its people of their dignity and freedom.” Tales of Arise begins with two characters, Alphen and Shionne, who are born in different worlds, “each longing to change their fate and create a new future for themselves and perhaps their people. Featuring an original cast of characters, a dramatic storyline, dynamic combat, breath-taking environments, with some classic Tales Of elements included.”

Tales of Arise is positioned as a “new beginning” for the long-running JRPG franchise, which has 16 installments so far. This will be its 17th entry. The game was originally slated for a 2020 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but was delayed indefinitely in June last year.

“While COVID-19 has affected some aspects of development, we’ve done our best to adapt to the situation and have implemented remote development capabilities for our team,” said producer Yusuke Tomizawa in a blog post announcing the delay. “However, we will need more time to achieve the quality and provide the gorgeous experience we envision for our players, and therefore we decided to delay the launch timing for Tales of Arise. A new launch window update will be provided once we have more details to share.”

It seems like Tales Of fans won’t have to wait much longer, for Bandai Namco is ready to share more in the next couple of months.

In other Bandai Namco-related news, it was announced last month following the release of Little Nightmares II that developer Tarsier Studios is moving on from the successful horror IP.