Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith Expansion Launches in December

SWTOR is bringing many familiar faces together for its next expansion along with new content and major gameplay tweaks.

Star Wars: The Old RepublicLegacy of the Sith has a release date: Dec. 14, 2021. In its 10th year running, the BioWare MMO continues its ongoing story that mostly builds off the previous Onslaught expansion with several returning characters as the primary focus. Legacy of the Sith will also introduce a number of new features and overhauls to gameplay mechanics, and a few new dungeons to boot.

What’s in Store for the SWTOR Story

Based on a presentation from BioWare’s SWTOR team, we got some insight into what’s to come in Legacy of the Sith. Many core story elements will take place on the planet Manaan in struggle for “Kolto” (a major medical resource in the Star Wars universe) between the Empire and Republic. But there will be a lot more to it than that, with characters such as Darth Malgus, Lana Beniko, Tau Idair, Darth Rivix, and others joining the fray. Particularly Arn Peralun, who appeared in Onslaught, is now a Jedi Knight, and Major Anri, a Twi’lek imperial commander, will be a key character as well.

Teasing a New Flashpoint and Operation

A new Flashpoint (i.e. a standard four-player dungeon) on the planet Elom was teased, as well. It looks like a cold and desolate dungeon that’ll take you through mountainous terrain. There will also be a new Operation (essentially a raid) called The R-4 Anomaly; the SWTOR team said that they drew inspiration from horror-like elements with this Operation’s design, utilizing a dark, dingy, and glowing-red aesthetic.

The new Flashpoint in SWTOR Legacy of the Sith: Elom.
A teaser for the upcoming Operation in SWTOR Legacy of the Sith: The R-4 Anomaly.

BioWare Has Plans for Content Throughout 2022

Another big point mentioned was that, even with the launch of Legacy of the Sith, the SWTOR team is planning for another year’s worth of content in the follow-up. Though we didn’t get much insight on what that roadmap will consist of. They also mentioned a number of quality-of-life tweaks and attempts to “modernize” the game: such as core functions and UI elements. We did get a look at some gameplay overhauls happening alongside that.

No More Advanced Classes, Introducing Combat Styles

The big gameplay change revolves around what are called Combat Styles. These will take the place of Advanced Classes, which were previously branching paths players had to choose between when customizing their character’s abilities and gameplay roles. This is said to give players much more flexibility since they no longer have to commit long-term to an Advanced Class for every character. Furthermore, Combat Styles will give you access to a more diverse skillset since they allow players’ Primary Class to grow in different ways. We didn’t get too many details about how this will work out in practice, however.

All of these additions and changes will become clear when Legacy of the Sith launches on Dec. 14, 2021 for PC. The expansion will be included with all subscribing players’ usual fees, following in the footsteps of most previous SWTOR expansions since the game went free-to-play.