Surviving the Aftermath’s ‘Hostile World’ Update Makes Animals Square Up

Among other big changes, of course.

Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios have released a new major update for the post-apocalyptic strategy game Surviving the Aftermath, bringing in new quality-of-life changes, gameplay tweaks, and also makes the animals want to fight you.

The update, titled “Hostile World” went live today, and among the major features that came with it, there are a few things smaller things worth keeping in mind before you jump back in. After incorporating feedback from players, Paradox and Iceflake have made some changes to Surviving the Aftermath’s bartering and trade system, including allowing players to work with wider reputation ranges as well as take advantage of in-game deals.

But here are the big bullet points:

  • Bandits will now attack your colony if you don’t give them what they want, so you’ll need to fortify your defenses to ensure they don’t flood into your colony and destroy all the hard work you and your colonists put into creating this home for yourselves.
  • Specialists can now be given direct orders to fight invading bandits should you fail to hold them off with your colony’s original defenses.
  • In keeping with the “Hostile World” name, the animals of the game’s wasteland are out for blood now, and will attack colonists as they fight for resources just like you in this post-apocalyptic world. The wildlife can also attack the colony, eat your food, and attack colonists, as well. According to the patch notes, the lovely new animal friends you have to look forward to fighting include: Rat, Rat Beetle, Wild Hog, Majestic Deer, Killer Kodiak and Sand Worm.
  • And lastly, your colonists are also given a bit more life, as they will now both react to your decisions, as well as give you advice or share a grievance. If they’re not happy with the state of things it may affect their work, which can have a domino effect on how well your colony can withstand an attack from bandits.

In other news:

Paradox and Iceflake also released a trailer giving you a quick, guided tour of the Hostile Worlds update, which you can watch right here:

While the update is the headliner here, Surviving the Aftermath also got a patch to go along with it, and it brings some quality of life improvements like adding notifications for research progress so you’ll be constantly updated on that front, changing inputs for things like camera pan, and allowing mouse scrolling to work in certain menus. There are also several tweaks to things like in-game animations, allowing modders to access parts of the game they couldn’t originally mod, and adding two new vehicles in an Offroader and Van. For more on everything the patch contains, check out the full list of patch notes on Paradox’s website.

Surviving the Aftermath launched in Early Access on the Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Preview back in October.