Supers Are Getting Big PVE Buffs in Destiny 2 Season 21

When it comes to the PVE (Player vs. Environment) sandbox, Supers have always made a big impact in Destiny 2. While Supers like Well of Radiance, Ward of Dawn, Golden Gun, and Shadowshot are all frequently used, there are some abilities that are lacking in both function and damage. Looking to change this, Bungie has revealed there are buffs on the way for a variety of Destiny 2 Supers across all three subclasses. Detailed in the latest blog post on, these buffs are looking to make some of the less loved Supers such as Chaos Reach feel useful in endgame activities.

To start, all Supers will not have an additional 20% damage resistance against all PVE sources in the game. This will provide better survivability — especially since enemies are hitting much harder than they used to.  As mentioned above, Warlock’s Chaos Reach will receive a 25% damage increase to PVE with any sustained damage on a target causing lighting to jolt enemies around them. This means even if you’re damaging a single enemy, your jolts have the potential to kill weaker foes around them. You will have your strafe speed increased from 3.5 m/s to 4.5 and your player damage resistance is going up while in this Super from 40% to 50%. Finally, Bungie has addressed the camera issues with this Super and will be adjusting it so your body isn’t blocking what you’re firing at.

Stormtrance is also getting a bit of love with a staggering 25% PVE damage buff and the damage ramp now takes 3 seconds to reach maximum instead of 5. Additionally, your Landfall and seekers will now jolt enemies which makes this quite a fearsome roaming Super. The Stasis Super, Winter’s Wrath, is getting a flat 10% PVE damage increase while the Solar subclass’ Daybreak ability will no longer block your view when hurling fiery death upon your foes. Last but not least, Nova Bomv is getting a whopping 20% PVE damage bump while Nova Warp’s damage has been raised by 15% Nova Warp will also now make enemies hit Volatile.

Don’t worry Hunters, you’re also getting some great buffs to a variety of Supers. Both versions of Golden Gun will receive a 20% damage increase, so get ready to slap on Celestial Nighthawk again. Spectral Blades PVE damage has been raised to by a staggering 35% and the heavy attack will now weaken enemies. My favorite Hunter Super, Gathering Storm, is getting a PVP buff since it’s already obscenely strong in the PVE sandbox. It will now do 300 damage to players, the delayed lightning strike damage has been raised to 500, and lightning tick damage is going from 40 to 60. It will also now deal damage to both Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn, making it a solid counter to these defensive Supers.

As for Titans, your Stasis Super, Glacial Quake, has the Shiver Strike thrust speed while in Super raised by 10%. While in Glacial Quake your light attack damage is also getting increased by 20%. Fists of Havoc is getting numerous changes, starting with a 33% PVE damage buff to this Super’s heavy attack and enemies will now be blinded. Your light and heavy attacks Super meter cost is being reduced to 6% and 12% respectively. For the Void subclass, Sentinel Shield is receiving a 20% PVE damage increase. Hammer of Sol and Burning Maul are getting a 10% PVE damage buff. Burning Maul’s tornado now scorches enemies it touches and you will leave sunspots behind if you have the Sol Invictus Aspect equipped.

All of these Super buffs will go live when Destiny 2 Season 21 releases later this month.