Summerfall Studios Reveals its First Project is a Musical Adventure Game: Chorus

The studio is comprised of Bioware and Beamdog alumni

After going public last month, Summerfall Studios, a new studio helmed by ex-Dragon Age writer David Gaider and Beamdog alumni Liam Esler, has revealed its first game, and it’s a bit of a departure from the RPG roots of both developers.

As it turns out, Summerfall’s first game is Chorus: An Adventure Musical. The game’s Fig page outlines the studio’s plans and gives a proof of concept through a trailer and screenshots. There are already a few well-known names attached to the project, with Journey composer Austin Wintory writing the score, The Last of Us actor Troy Baker doing voice direction, and Gears 5 actress Laura Bailey set to star as the main character Grace.

Grace has the ability to influence people through song, which means the choices in this choice-driven adventure affect the musical numbers through changes in lyrics and composition.

As of right now, Chorus’ campaign is only aiming for a PC launch in Q4 2021, but if it performs well enough there, Summerfall wants to bring it to other systems, including iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and others. But it does appear that the Fig campaign has no stretch goals to get the game onto other platforms at this time.

Chorus began as a conversation between Gaider and Esler in 2017, looking to “to make a game that marries the magic of musicals, the interactivity of storytelling, and the drama of romance.” But apparently this isn’t Gaider’s first attempt at making a musical in a video game, as the writer originally pitched a musical DLC add-on for the Dragon Age series when he was still at Bioware. That obviously never came to pass, but not gonna lie, I would’ve loved to have seen the Inquisitor and Dorian serenade one another or even see the cast of Dragon Age II break out into a rousing bar song together at The Hanged Man. I suppose I’ll have to settle for whatever it is Chorus turns out to be, should it accumulate its $600,000 funding goal.