Strand Has Made This Useless Titan Exotic a PVP Star in Destiny 2

Titans have had a lot of powerful Exotic armors throughout Destiny 2‘s history, but Khepri’s Horn has not been among them. This Exotic helmet provides two effects. The first gives you some barricade energy on Solar kills. The second, and the more important, creates a Solar blast when you cast your barricade. This hasn’t been a very high-impact ability in the past, but when combined with the new Strand power set added in Lightfall, it gets interesting.

See, when Titans cast their Barricade when using Strand, it sends out a wave that suspends enemies. Khepri’s Horn then sends out a Solar blast shortly after. This means that, in PVP, if you hit an enemy with the initial suspending wave, they’re almost guaranteed to get caught by the followup Solar blast. One or two taps with any weapon after that, and they’re done for. It’s a neat trick that’s causing Titans to give the neglected Exotic a try, and it can easily surprise opposing Guardians. People are still figuring out how to deal with suspend, and few players are used to seeing Khepri’s Horn in the Crucible.

Destiny 2 Khepri's Horn

Is Khepri’s Horn the most powerful Titan Exotic for Destiny 2 PVP? No, Exotics like Dunemarchers, One-Eyed Mask, and Peacekeepers still rein supreme. But it is a lot of fun to use, and it’s nice that Strand has elevated some options that haven’t been all that strong historically. And yes, you can still benefit from the ability energy gain from Khepri’s Horn while using Strand, as long as you’re using a Solar weapon. Solar damage kills give you back 25% of your barricade energy, which is pretty nice.

What Exotics have you been running in the Crucible lately? Have you given Khepri’s Horn a shot? Has Strand shifted your strategies or playstyle? Let us know in the comments below.