Stardew Valley Has Sold Over 20 Million Copies

I've done my part by romancing Sebastian on every platform.

We’re all still enchanted with Stardew Valley. Six years after its debut, the darling farming life sim has hit a new sales milestone with over 20 million copies sold, and there’s no sign that popularity is dying down.

Speaking to PC Gamer, creator Eric Barone confirmed his beloved indie project moved those millions across all platforms, and he “can’t believe the game has reached this level.” A majority of those sales are on PC, where Stardew Valley has sold 13 million copies,  but it’s also released on Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Vita, iOS, and Android.

Perhaps its popularity isn’t too surprising considering its roots in beloved classic, Harvest Moon, but how fast the game is moving years later remains impressive—especially as something not a service game. In that same PC Gamer interview, Barone confirmed that Stardew Valley was still flying off digital shelves, with average daily sales “higher today than at any point.”

Barone couldn’t point to any singular reason for that success but speculated we’re all telling our friends about it and still pushing those numbers up. Anecdotally, I’ve played Stardew Valley since its debut, but its multiplayer update in 2018 quickly grew endeared to the scene. Its concurrent players on Steam, recorded via SteamDB, align with some of those multiplayer reveals and obvious launches for other updates. Then there’s the clear rise in Stardew’s concurrent numbers in 2020, as we all went into pandemic lockdown hell.

I was among those folks who took up farming again during that time, and now I own Stardew Valley on damn near everything but one console. The game hit its all-time Steam concurrents high over the Christmas Eve holiday back in 2020, right around one of its biggest updates, and still does pretty good hovering around 37,000 online.

Barone’s farming sim seemed to breathe new life into the genre, especially when some of my old favorites seemed to fall into a bit of a slump. At launch, it was one of the few farming games widely available with queer romance, and that was enough to hook me as a disaster bisexual person exclusively romancing the messiest people of all genders.

The Stardew Valley creator’s next game, Haunted Chocolatier, isn’t out yet, and Barone has remained frank in his blog that “it will be a while” before the game is ready. I’m fine waiting, and I’m still not tired of bringing crap I find on the side of the road to Maru, Abigail, and Sebastian—who I only love because he looks like Sasuke from Naruto. Plus, I’ve hardly dipped into the mod scene, where things like an FFXIV Emet-Selch romance in Stardew Valley exist.