Square Enix Finally Makes Big Blockchain Move After Year of Talking About it

This comes after some non-committal NFT sales.

Despite the crypto market crashing and the video game industry showing either a disinterest or outright dislike of NFTs and blockchain bullshit, Square Enix is still getting involved in this nonsense well over a year after the idea was trendy, and about nine months after it first expressed interest in the idea with no self-awareness whatsoever. But the company that created Final Fantasy VII, an RPG in which a group of eco-activists attempt to stop a corporation from destroying the planet, has finagled its way into the crypto market guilt free by partnering with Oasys, which claims to be an “environmentally friendly, proof of stake” blockchain.

Square Enix will act as a node validator on the upcoming blockchain of the same name. GI.biz describes a node validator as something that “stores a copy of the blockchain and performs other functions that aim to keep the system secure.” So it essentially exists to help prove that you “own” something noted on the blockchain. Square Enix is one several video game publishers that has joined Oasys, including Bandai Namco, Sega, Ubisoft, Netmarble, WeMade, Com2uS and Yield Guild Games. So while I’ve spent more time clowning on Square Enix here because it’s the company making the announcement, there are a handful of others that are looking for an environmentally friendly way to cash in on what the benefits of crypto. Such as fake ownership of digital goods and bragging rights about having your name attached to a digital product that Square Enix isn’t even committed to, and has to write paragraphs of disclaimers and warnings when selling the thing on its website.

All of this comes after Square Enix sold western studios Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal to Embracer Group to focus on things like Blockchain, AI, and the Cloud. Though it sounds like those studios are doing alright under new management, and have regained control of properties like Tomb Raider and Deus Ex.