Spiders Devour Beetles in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Poll

Bungie recently held a poll to determine the next seasonal armor ornaments that would be available in the Festival of the Lost 2023. This yearly event is Halloween-themed, and it’s not the first time Bungie has put the question of Guardian costumes to a poll. Last year, Mechs beat out Monsters in a poll of Destiny 2 players. This time around, Bungie did things a little differently, asking players of each Destiny 2 class to choose between spiders and beetles.

And well, the spiders ate. In today’s TWAB post, Bungie explained that spiders carried the day for Hunters and Titans with 56 and 72 percent of the votes, respectively. When it came to Warlocks, however, beetles narrowly won out with 53 percent of the votes. That means that when the Festival of the Lost rolls around again in autumn 2023, Hunters and Titans will be donning spider gear while Warlocks are going beetle mode.

Destiny 2 Spiders Festival of the Lost

The move to split the voting between classes is definitely appreciated. In the past, players of certain classes seemed to favor one set of proposed ornaments over another. That led to some bitter feelings between players, since one class always seemed to lose out in the voting. With the shift to voting based on individual classes, more Destiny 2 players should be happy with their gear, whether it’s based on spiders or beetles.

What do you think of the results? Did your class get the ornaments you wanted? Let us know in the comments below. For our part, we kind of liked the beetle designs, but it was definitely a toss-up. Of course, the final in-game designs may look different from the concept illustrations Bungie provided, so we’ll have to wait until the next Festival of the Lost to see the results.