Sounds Like Suda51’s Moving on From No More Heroes For Good

No More Heroes III represents the end of Travis Touchdown.

No More Heroes III has a cliffhanger ending, but director Suda51 makes it sound like that doesn’t really mean shit, because No More Heroes is over. For now, at least.

In a statement on the game’s social channels, Suda51 talks about the game’s original title “No More Heroes III FINAL BOUT – All-Out Galactic War!” While the “Galactic War” part was in reference to the aliens protagonist Travis Touchdown fights in the game, the “Final Bout” part was meant to point out that this is to be his final rank climbing adventure.

The full statement reads as follows:

I hope everyone is OK in the summer heat.

There is a brand new, exhilarating action game in which the entire galaxy is thrown into a state of war that will hopefully help to blow away this sweltering heat and humidity, and it’s being released on August 27th.

This game is called No More Heroes 3 FINAL BOUT – All-Out Galactic War! Or, it was going to be called that, but the subtitle was just too long so we ended up taking a hint from the Rocky series and simply going with No More Heroes 3 instead.

As hinted at with the “Final” thing, Travis Touchdown will finally be coming to the end of his final battle, and will be embarking on a much-deserved, long journey. Join him as he goes absolutely buck wild in the Garden – no, the Cosmos of Madness!

Now, carrying with it a thousand thoughts, I run along the Thunder Road once more. As one journey ends, the crimson bike falls into a deep sleep.

Goodbye, Travis.

Goodbye, No More Heroes.

Goodbye, fleeting moments and days.

Farewell, to all Travis Touchdowns everywhere!

In other news:

Even though the cliffhanger is tied pretty heavily to Travis, the framing of this as an end for Mr. Touchdown specifically does leave the window open for someone else to take up the theoretical beam katana. But honestly, after waiting ten years for a third game, I’m not going to read into any of it too much. A fourth No More Heroes feels like a pipe dream, and I’m content to miss it for a while again. For more on that, check out Fanbyte’s review.