Sonic Frontiers Gets November Release Date, New Character That’s Just 2B From Nier

The game will launch in November.

Sometimes the Sonic the Hedgehog series has just real human people other than Doctor Eggman, and they range from good ones like Gerald Robotnik, to ones that propel the series into some of its most shameful moments like Elise did in Sonic the Hedgehog 06. Now, Sonic Frontiers’ latest release date trailer has put some more spotlight on Sage, a new human character debuting in the game who someone pointed out to me has the vibe of 2B from Nier and I can’t unsee it. So I’m just gonna call her 2B and wonder where on the spectrum of Gerald Robotnik and Elise she will fall by the end.

All of this came from a new story trailer that debuted at Gamescom today, which revealed Sonic’s open world adventure is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch on November 8. Also in the trailer was Sonic attempting to rescue Amy Rose from a spherical prison. But I’m still fixated on Sage, a new human character with white hair and a black robe, and seems to be here to vaguely threaten Sonic in Frontiers’ new world. And I just can’t see her as anything other than 2B, the aesthetic, the vibe, all that’s left is for her to say “glory to mankind” and start swinging a sword. Look at her. The resemblance is uncanny.

Sonic Frontiers Gets November Release Date, New Character That's Just 2B From Nier

Check out the full trailer below:

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Sonic Frontiers has been pretty divisive since its proper unveiling. Fanbyte News Editor Imran Khan played the game earlier this year and felt pretty confused by its direction. Personally, this new trailer felt like one of the better showcases of what it has to offer since it wasn’t a bunch of Sonic running around an empty world. Still waiting for the Shadow the Hedgehog reveal, though.