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Sonic Crosses Over With Minecraft in New Pack

Gotta go craft.

I think a foundational aspect of a lot of virtual spaces is the ability to express your fandoms. It’s the same kind of logic that currently drives games like Fortnite or even to an extent things like Funko Pops. Minecraft is no stranger to this concept, with crossovers including Mass EffectMario, and How to Train Your Dragon. If everyone has a fandom, it only makes sense to keep adding ways to express it, which brings us to the newest Minecraft collaboration: Sonic the Hedgehog.

The blue blur is making his first official Minecraft experience in a new DLC skin pack for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, the latest revision of the long-running crafting survival game. The Sonic skin pack includes 25 skins from the Sonic the Hedgehog world from Sonic himself to his various cohorts and new locations like the iconic Green Hill Zone.

Way more importantly, though, is the trailer looks like it includes the Chao Garden.

On paper, the Chao Garden sounds like absolute madness. You capture small animals and feed them to weird blue babies that gain the powers of the animals they eat and then race and do other things. In execution, it’s actually stranger, because these children take on heroic or villainous aspects depending on how they’re raised.

While I suspect the Minecraft bit is just a skin, hopefully it gets the extraordinarily talented Minecraft modding community one step closer to bringing back the Chao Garden once again.

The Sonic x Minecraft DLC is currently available on the Minecraft Marketplace for $7.99.

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