SNK Says Both Parties Are Interested in Reviving SNK vs. Capcom

The crossover fighting series has been asleep for over a decade.

As often happens after EVO each year, there’s been a spike in fervor for fighting games these past few weeks, and that infectious feeling is apparently getting higher-ups at SNK considering a revival of SNK vs. Capcom.

Speaking with VGC, SNK’s Yauyuki Oda suggested there is mutual interest in an SNK vs. Capcom revival between both companies. The crossover fighting series has been on ice for several years, with the last installment being the 2006 SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS. So it’s been a hot minute since fans saw these rosters duke it out. And while Oda isn’t confirming one is in the works, it sounds like there’s reason to hope for the future. The gears started turning at this year’s EVO, which included several collaborative posters showing Capcom and SNK characters interacting and welcoming fans back to the event after its move to a digital format earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Definitely in the future, that’s something that I think everybody on all sides, in both parties, are interested in making a reality,” Oda said. “Especially after we saw the reaction to the [EVO posters]… it helped us reconfirm that that is probably one of the most wanted things from the fighting game community across the entire world.”

While the interest is there, Oda says there haven’t been any serious talks about an SNK vs. Capcom revival. Not in any official means, at least. But he also points out SNK has been open to collaborating with other fighting games lately and cited examples like King of Fighters‘ Terry Bogard in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it just hasn’t gotten around to working with Capcom again. However, he says the posters at EVO were “the first step towards maybe something like that happening in the future.”

Oda expressed interest on the SNK side, but Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno also told Polygon he’d be interested in making a new SNK vs. Capcom game last year.