‘Tiny Living’ Stuff Pack Brings the Tiny House Lifestyle to Sims 4

Composting toilets unconfirmed.

For as many things as Sims 4 is good at simulating, it’s continually come up short in two very important categories: minimalist lifestyles, and facial hair on women. We’ll have to keep waiting for the latter, but anyone who’s been jonesing to experience the tiny house life for themselves, such will become possible in just a few weeks. Sims 4‘s “Tiny Living” Stuff Pack launches on PC and Mac January 21, and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One February 4.

For the customary Stuff Pack entry fee of $10, you’ll gain access to new Tiny Home Residential Lots, which restrict your structures to a mere 100 squares, while leaving the rest of the lot available for landscaping. New furniture additions like fold-away Murphy beds should help make tiny living a lot more viable than it is in vanilla Sims 4. Tiny Home Residential Lots also enjoy lower monthly living costs than normal residential spaces, and Sims that spend time together in tiny homes are more likely to become romantically involved, because uh, it’s cozy? I guess? EA doesn’t really get into that.

Speaking of cozy, Tiny Living also provides a bunch of new stuff for Create-A-Sim, including “chunky knits for the ultimate indulgence in sweater weather.” As seen in the below trailer, getting twee in your cute new sweater won’t save your Sim from being crushed to death by a Murphy bed, so be careful I guess.

I live in a tiny house IRL, and I’ll admit that I’ve tried (and failed) to recreate my actual living conditions in Sims 4, so hopefully Tiny Living will give me the tools I need to accurately simulate myself. The main issue I run into is that my tiny house has a half-height loft as the sleeping zone, and part of the kitchen area is underneath the stairs that lead up to the loft. Thus far, Sims 4 has yet to provide me with a set of stairs that A) are not 400 yards long and 2) will allow me to place things under them. Based on the footage above, it looks like Tiny Living might finally solve these issues, which would be a huge boon for me and others in my exact situation.

I also appreciate that Tiny Living provides a way to be killed by your tiny house, which is also a real part of my day-to-day life. I have a litany of parasomnias and one bad night could lead to a broken neck down the aforementioned flight of loft stairs; getting crushed to death by a Murphy bed isn’t exactly one to one, but it tracks closely enough to suit my needs.

I’m also interested to find out if EA has added additional fire hazard conditions with Tiny Living, and to see what kind of spaces are available as Tiny Home Residential Lots. The trailer makes it look like you’re just building a tiny house on a normal plot of land, and while many tiny homes are constructed that way, the most interesting are built in spaces that just straight-up could not accommodate conventional housing. Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to build a tiny house in someone’s back yard, next to a train track, or in the alleyway between a supermarket and an axe throwing gym.