Seven Big Quality of Life Changes Coming with FFXIV Patch 6.3

Sometimes, the smaller changes actually have the biggest impact in a patch.

The next big update to Final Fantasy XIV is coming soon! Patch 6.3 is coming on January 10, 2023, continuing key storylines and adding a great deal of new raids, dungeons, and more. There are other, smaller additions that are there to make your in-game life just a little better. And in some cases, these additions are far more important.

With the preliminary patch notes for Patch 6.3, we have a look at some of these small quality-of-life changes.

Retainer Glamour Is Much Easier Now

One of the joys of Final Fantasy XIV’s glamour is making your retainer look how you want. Playing dress-up is half of the fun of creating that connection between you and your retainer squad. Up until now, adding glamour to your retainer’s gear required you to have it in your inventory, using a glamour prism on the item there and then transferring it to retainer.

With the upcoming patch, “Cast glamour” and “Dye items” will be added to the retainer menu. This means you can glamour and dye items that are in your retainer’s inventory or currently equipped on their person. There is also a new “Try on Retainer” subcommand if you just want to see what an item will look like on a retainer.

FFXIV Alternate Duty Icons

Alternate Duty Icons

If you decide to engage with any of the Deep Dungeons or the unique zones like Eureka and Bozjan Southern Front, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out even how to enter those zones. For Patch 6.3, the FFXIV is adding new icons for these duties, which should hopefully make it easier to find the NPCs that will take you to the alternate duties.

There will be new icons for Deep Dungeons, Field Operations, and the Variant/Criterion Dungeons. The content that will be getting the new icons includes:

  • Deep Dungeons: Palace of the Dead, Heaven-on-High
  • Field Operations: The Forbidden Land, Eureka; the Bozjan Southern Front; Delubrum Reginae; Zadnor
  • Variant & Criterion Dungeons: The Sil’dihn Subterrane

We assume that the new Deep Dungeon, Eureka Orthos, and future Variant/Criterion dungeons will be added to the list.

Quest Icon Changes

Likewise, occasionally the Warrior of Light’s adventures will take you to locations that aren’t on the normal map. Players can sometimes get lost in the weeds and wonder where to go, because the quest marker isn’t visible. With Patch 6.3, if the location isn’t in a city or open field, there will be a quest icon at least showing you where to go to reach the quest location.

Unfortunately, only quests for Patch 6.1 to Patch 6.3 will be affected like the change. The FFXIV team will be implementing the change for earlier quests at a later date.

FFXIV Damage Icon

Physical, Magic, and Unique Damage Will Appear in the Battle Log

This is less of a problem for some roles, but at the moment, it’s somewhat difficult to easily figure out what type of damage is incoming. This is key for some abilities like Dark Knight’s Dark Missionary, which reduces magic damage specifically, or Magical Ranged DPS’ Addle, which lowers a target’s physical damage dealt by 5% and magic damage dealt by 10%. Now damage types will be clearly denoted in the battle log, making it super easy to figure out what’s hitting you.

A dagger will denote physical damage, a wand will denote magic damage, and unique damage will be marked by a green star icon.

Crystalline Conflict Gets a Rematch Button

Crystalline Conflict is the latest PVP mode added to Final Fantasy XIV. The mode pits two teams of five players against one another, offering matches that are much shorter compared to Frontline or Rival Wings. One issue frequent Crystalline Conflict players have had is the inability to just requeue against the team you just fought against. It can be hard to find a great match and when you do, some want to hold onto that feeling.

With Patch 6.3 there will now be a rematch button available at the end of each match. There are restrictions, however. All combatants have to agree to the rematch to make it happen and you can only play five consecutive matches.

Glamour Dressers Can Now be Filtered By Level, Keyword, or Gender

If you’re a big glamourhead, your Glamour Dresser is likely full. A full dresser can be hard to sort through to create new glamour plates. In Patch 6.3, the FFXIV team has added the ability to filter glamour dresser items by level, gender, or keyword. The gender filter is becoming less important, as the team continues to make more items genderless, but the other filters should help a ton.

FFXIV Fish Guide Updates

The Fish Guide Has Expanded

If you’re deep into fishing, the Fish Guide might be too small and not provide enough information. That’s changing with Patch 6.3. First, the guide is becoming much larger visually, with 100 fish per page, rather than the current 25. Prime locations for discovered fish will appear within the guide, as well. Finally, the team added a text search and filters to the guide, so you can find exactly the fish you’re looking for.

As we said before, Patch 6.3 is coming on January 10, 2023, offering more housing, more Island Sanctuary items, and a new Deep Dungeon called Eureka Orthos. You can keep up with all the Patch 6.3 content right here on The Linkshell! And while you’re waiting, there’s also the new Heavensturn event for 2023!