Self-Revive is Finally Being Removed in Apex Legends Season 14

Respawn has confirmed that the self-revive ability is going away in Apex Legends.

One of the most debated pieces of loot in Apex Legends is finally getting removed in Season 14. During a preview event for Apex Legends‘ upcoming season, developer Respawn Entertainment confirmed that the self-revive ability tied to the Gold Knockdown Shield is getting the ax. Instead, the Gold Knockdown Shield will now let you revive allies with bonus shields and health. Someone of you will notice this is the same effect we currently have on the Gold Backpack and that’s because this item is also getting a pretty noticeable change. The new ability on the Legendary Backpack is called “Guardian Angel” and it allows the user to have one additional big heal per inventory slot. This means that you can now hold three Shield Batteries, three Med-Kits, or two Pheonix Kits per inventory slot instead of the normal amount. Essentially, you’re going to be a walking pharmacy for your squadmates.

For those confused about why the self-revive is being removed, this ability has been a nightmare in the new Ranked mode. With placement now a huge factor in how many points you can earn, the self-revive was allowing teams to outlive the ones that knocked them and get a better placement. This caused a lot of frustration among casual and competitive players who had to constantly worry about killing every downed enemy they came across. Now that self revive has been vaulted, this should make fights easier to focus on as you won’t need to worry about an enemy scurrying off to a dark corner to save themselves.

Additionally, this will also make Newcastle’s reliance on having specific gear far easier. Previously, Newcastle players wanted both a Gold Backpack and Knockdown shield as they provided the most utility. Now that the Guardian Angel ability is on the Knockdown Shield, players using this legend will only need this piece of equipment to get the most out of his passive. As for the Gold Backpack, this will be great for any legend and allow them to carry additional meds for their team — freeing up some extra inventory space for items like grenades or Ultimate Accelerants. There will be no changes made to the Gold Helmet and Evo Shield this season, only the Backpack and Knockdown Shield were altered.

You can expect all of these alterations to go live when Apex Legends Season 14 goes live on August 9th.