Season of Pride Returns With LGBTQIA Charity Streams and Game Sales

Queer centered stories will take the spotlight as funds go to Trans Lifeline, Trevor Project, and more.

In a benefit for LGBTQIA+ charities, Midboss is hosting a month-long fundraiser Season of Pride 2022 throughout July. The celebration centering queer gamers, stories, and charities includes streams from partnered creators on Twitch and sales across multiple platforms.

The fourth annual Season of Pride supports eight charities, including GaymerX, Black Girls Code Women In Games International, Girls Who Code, Minus18, Mermaids, Trans Lifeline, and The Trevor Project. Among those scheduled for the event are streamers like Brian Gray (UrbanBohemian) playing Get in the Car, Loser! and Miabyte playing Purrgatory.

This year’s spotlight also supports released and upcoming games with queer themes through sales on Steam and the Nintendo eShop. On Saturday, July 9, Steam kicks off its leg of the initiative with discounts lasting until July 23. After that, the Switch sale begins, and includes games like Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers, Steven Universe: Unleash the Light, and Sword of the Necromancer, among others.

The Season of Pride Schedule includes popular Twitch personalities, a Steam Sale, and donations to queer charities.

In 2021, Season of Pride raised nearly $30,000 through its month-long initiative. The donation drive surpassed its record of $25,000 goal from the previous year, and plenty of beloved creators return in 2022 as repeat hosts. Those Twitch marathons are already rolling, too. Throughout the month, Streams are scheduled for most days, and that donation drive lasts until the end of July.

The benefiting, non-profit organizations do important work year-round serving marginalized communities in and out of the gaming space. Recent escalations in anti-trans, anti-queer legislation in states like Texas continue to strain game developers, players, and creators. Household names like Sega have participated in their own donation initiatives, matching employee pledges to organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Violence against queer communities strains already vulnerable orgs — affecting women of color more so. Even on limited time or budget, throwing up a stream in the background from marginalized creators or tossing a few bucks helps.