Same Streamer Who Leaked Last Year’s Blizzcon Announcements Leaks Overwatch Sequel Details

Hey, he was right last year, so....

Normally leaks and rumors spread about Twitter aren’t worth reporting on, but this time there’s established history that brings some legitimacy to a Twitch streamer named Metro’s tweets detailing the new Overwatch game rumored to be announced at Blizzcon.

For context, last year Metro leaked the announcement of new hero Ashe and the animated short starring her and McCree that was unveiled at Blizzcon. Metro even tweeted the character’s name (albeit misspelled) a week before the event took place.

Metro claims his source is someone ‘tied directly to a Blizzard dev,” and given that his past leaks were true, there may be some weight to his latest tweets about the Overwatch sequel. It’s also worth noting these details line up with Kotaku’s report from earlier this year saying the unannounced game would feature a PvE element, unlike the original game.

According to Metro, the game will be announced at Blizzcon after an animated short starring heroes Tracer, Winston, Mei, and Genji, and will feature both the rumored PvE mode that will expand upon the franchise’s story, as well as some kind of PvP mode. However, Metro couldn’t say specifically whether or not it would be a straight port of the original game’s PvP mode, a brand new competitive suite entirely, or if the PvE mode would be made available to the original game as an add-on.

Along with the information on the modes, the Overwatch sequel will reportedly have a leveling system that will affect hero abilities. Metro used Tracer’s Pulse Bomb ability as an example of how the upgrades could alter known attacks:

As for the original Overwatch, Metro’s source says there will be no new hero announcement, which will be a Blizzcon first since the game launched in 2016. Up to this point, each year Blizzard has revealed a new playable character, including Sombra, Moira, and Ashe, but the new game may be taking place of this announcement altogether.

Based on the reports and rumors, the Overwatch sequel appears to be the long-awaited story-based content fans have been waiting for since 2016. While Overwatch’s story has been expanded upon in annual in-game events in the past, Blizzard has typically looked to external media like comics, animated shorts, and short stories to tell the story instead of using the game. However, the approach hasn’t always delivered a cohesive story line and characterization, especially in regards to representation and backstory, like revealing Soldier: 76 is gay through a short story just to never really bring it up again. This possible new game seems to be putting the story at the forefront, but Blizzard is also beginning new initiates on the external media side, like releasing a full novel focusing on heroes Orisa and Lucio next year.

Blizzcon will be held from November 1-3 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

In other Overwatch news, it’s on Switch now, and while it doesn’t run nearly as well as it does on other systems, it does have some original features like motion controls. That port was also leaked before its official announcement. Blizzard just can’t keep a lid on these things, huh?