Routine is a Spooky Space Horror Game Ten Years in the Making

The studio describes it as an "80s vision of the future."

At Summer Game Fest 2022, we saw a new, incredibly spooky trailer for Routine, an indie horror game in the making for the past decade plus.

In the trailer, which is being called a re-reveal by studio Lunar Software, we see the remains of a 1980s-inspired moon base before shifting to a first-person perspective as the protagonist exploring the environment. We see a spooky figure through some nice physics-enabled blinds and as the protagonist begins to snap a photo through a crack, a really scary jaw-unhinging robot picks up the player and turns the lights out.

Beyond that, we only have Lunar Software’s website to go on for details, but they suggest Routine will be a survival horror game where you explore and customize your Cosmonaut Assistance Tool which can be used as a last resort against the bad robots and whatever else you might find.

It’s been a long road for Lunar and Routine. The game was announced a decade ago ahead of Gamescom 2012 via a trailer on the studio’s official channel. A year later they released an Alpha trailer. Five years ago they posted a release date trailer. And today they reintroduced Routine with a slightly different vibe than what we had seen before.

In a showcase full of sci-fi horror, Routine feels a bit more atmospheric and moody rather than dealing with the straight terror and body horror of games like The Callisto Protocol. There’s no release date yet for the game, but according to Lunar Software’s website the game will come out for Steam and Xbox Series X/S.

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