Resident Evil Infects Monster Hunter World This November

I hope this isn't Nergigante's blood.

Claire Redfield, Rookie Cop Leon S. Kennedy, and even Mr. X himself are all headed to the New World this November, when Resident Evil 2 wraps its rotting hands around the neck of Monster Hunter World‘s massive Iceborne expansion. Capcom announced the new crossover event earlier today with the energetic trailer embedded below, and while it doesn’t explicitly state what is and isn’t being added in the event, we can make some safe assumptions.

Armor sets that transform your hunter into Claire or Leon are a given, based on the footage, and if they’re anything like the Geralt and Ciri sets from the Witcher 3 event, we sadly won’t be able to mix and match body parts from each character. There also appears to be several new emotes, including a new dance, a zombie run animation, and two different ways to cower in fear. It also definitely looks like some kinda zombie skin tone option is part of the event as well, which would be a first of its kind for Monster Hunter World DLC.

On the weapon side of things, Leon is seen using a real-ass gun during his fight against Odogaron, so that may be a new Light or Heavy Bowgun introduced during the crossover. Eagle-eyed viewers might have also spotted Umbrella Corp. and S.T.A.R.S. Unit charms on Leon and Rebecca’s weapons, as well as the extremely large and hard-to-miss Tofu charm seen at the end of the trailer, which is an application of jiggle physics that we can all feel good about.

Finally, there’s a new costume for the Handler, which turns her whole self into Mr. X. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it’s very hilarious to see Mr. X acting out all of the Handler’s cutesy animations, but on the other hand, Handler-chan is my legal wife? And I don’t appreciate seeing her defiled like this?? Capcom could have used this opportunity to give her a Raccoon City Police Department uniform, or even Ada Wong’s dress, but instead it did this. I can of course recognize (and even respect) that I am being trolled here, and that that’s the whole point, but the heart wants what it wants.

While not explicitly stated in the trailer, it does seem as though you’ll need to own Iceborne to participate in the creepy festivities. There’s also an extremely high chance that Resident Evil X MonHun is only coming to consoles for now, since Iceborne doesn’t arrive for PC users until January at the earliest. We also don’t know how many of the goodies shown above are obtained in-game, and how many (if any) are paid DLC.

In the past, Capcom has made the Handler’s holiday outfits free while the event was live, while also giving the option of paying to unlock the outfits permanently. This isn’t exactly a holiday though, so we’ll have to see how everything shakes out. Hopefully Capcom will Claire-ify all of these details as we get closer to the event’s nebulous November launch window.