Report: There’s Probably More Knives Out Coming and That’s Cool

Daniel Craig will reprise his role as the southerner detective.

Remember Knives Out, the pseudo-mystery movie written and directed by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson? The film was instantly beloved by a number of people and Johnson tweeted often about working on scripts for a possible sequel. Well, it looks like that sequel will be coming, with a third movie to follow it, courtesy of Netflix.

Deadline reports that Netflix is closing in on a deal with Johnson for over $400 million for both a Knives Out 2 and a Knives Out 3. Daniel Craig, the Schroedinger’s James Bond, will apparently reprise his role as Benoit Blanc, the private detective that solved the first movie’s case. When asked about the sequel last year, Johnson mentioned he doesn’t want to call it Knives Out, since it was so inherently tied to the story of the first movie.

For a little bit of context, the first Knives Out cost about $80 million to make and was essentially a free-time project for Craig and Johnson. A $400 million purchase from Netflix, even for two movies, means a significant increase in funding and most likely returns. Netflix wins out by getting a major event movie on their schedule, which is seemingly their motivation in the bid-war with Apple and Amazon over the films.

[Source: Deadline]