Report: Sony Allowing PlayStation 5 Harddrive Upgrades This Summer

So you know how Goku got stronger when he took off his weighted clothes?

Your PlayStation 5 says “1TB” on the box, but the realities of harddrive manufacturing and necessary functions for the console come close to halving that number. While the console needs the faster SSD as a baseline for new games, you can quickly fill up a harddrive with just a few games. This can be a source of frustration for PS5 owners, as there is currently no option to either put PlayStation 5 games in cold storage on an external harddrive or to buy another harddrive with more space to store games.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the latter should be a nonissue by this summer. Bloomberg’s sources state that expanding the PS5’s available harddrive space will be allowable via firmware update through popping the console’s top off and replacing the stock M.2 SSD included in the unit. Sony has warned in the past that a specific criteria of SSD is required, which theoretically will not be cheap and may be difficult to find, but it’s nice to finally have the option. It’s likely that Sony or intrepid fans will have a compatibility list out around the same time.

This is good news for players who find themselves suffocating in the 600GB that the PS5 currently offers. While compression techniques have gotten better, some game sizes still far exceed 100GB at the beginning of the generation. Since discs simply install their content to the harddrive, buying physical does not solve this issue. If that trend continues to inflate, the number of games one can keep on their stock PS5 may just get lower and lower.