Raging Brachydios, Furious Rajang Come To Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

They look angry.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has been on a roll with updates lately. Capcom specifically promised two new variants to take on in March. Now we have a trailer showing them both off. We know that Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang are making a comeback in the next Iceborne title update, which will again be free to anyone who owns Iceborne. It arrives on March for console players and April for PC hunters, marking the update that will finally sync the PC and console versions of MHW once and for all.

Both of these variants are, of course, part of a slew of MHW endgame content. They’ll both be far bigger, far meaner, and far angrier than their prior counterparts. And chances are they’ll show up in the Guiding Lands: the late-game, free-roaming region where you can find a variety of high-difficulty monsters to lay a beating on.

raging brachydios monster hunter world iceborne

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For one, don’t get too confident that this Brachydios is yet another… well, Brachy. Raging Brachydios is traditionally far more difficult to deal with, as its attacks appear far more threatening from any distance. Its signature explosive slime can hit you from halfway across any given arena. The Raging variant is way, way larger — at least twice the size, it looks like — and its attacks are less physical to begin with. Its explosive abilities really shine this time. Literally. The slime mold all over its body will explode more frequently and violently, so be prepared to avoid these attacks.

Meanwhile, Rajang, which was added only added a few months ago, is already a pretty difficult monster to beat. Now this fight with Furious Rajang will be a little more electrifying.  Again, Furious Rajang is bigger than its earlier game counterpart. And it, too, will lean a lot more into its elemental aspects — even in the midst of its usual physical strikes. This could be bad news if you aren’t adequately prepared, so prep your armor for this difficult fight. It might also behoove you to bring a Thunderproof Mantle this time.

Furious Rajang & Raging Brachydios Details

Other than what’s shown in the introductory trailer, we know very little else about these forms as they’ll appear in Iceborne. A consistent plus for these “fearsome variants,” in previous Monster Hunter games at least, is that they offer better armor than prior variants. So if you’re really going for endgame content, keep an eye out for when these two drop. You might finally be able to wear some awesome looking Brachydios gear without worrying about its stats!

Older hunters may be eager to charge in, as both of these variants have appeared in past Monster Hunter games. Raging Brachydios first appeared just a few years ago in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Whereas Furious Rajang was first found in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite well over a decade ago.

Iceborne, meanwhile, looks like it’ll serve hunters for a good while to come. A few months ago, Capcom put out a “road map” for many of the features coming to Iceborne. Rajang was introduced with the Volcanic Region of the Guiding Lands. It was followed by a Tundra Region, Stygian Zinogre, and Safi’Jiva.. In April, the PC patches and content of Iceborne will begin to release on the same date as the console versions. Though we’re still holding our breath on cross-play and cross-save