PUBG Mobile Realizes Everyone Is Ace, Pledges New Tiers (But Doesn’t)

You want it? You've already got it.

For a little while now, it would seem that PUBG Mobile players have been stuck in a rut. The good ones, at least. The pros who could climb to Ace tier and, whether they couldn’t climb further or just chose not to, stayed put season after season. The development team noticed them, and, for a little while, it sounded as if they were about to be incentivized with two new PUBG Mobile tiers. But it turns out that’s not quite the case. Not yet, anyway.

What we’re talking about here is a poorly timed (or badly worded) “Dev Talk” post on Twitter, the ensuing confusion, and perhaps some shattered hopes and dreams. In the same thread of apparent Q&As that announced that players would no longer be force-fed ads they couldn’t skip, two new season tiers were brought up as if they were newly announced and forthcoming. Here it is:

A new PUBG Mobile Dev Talk post detailed two new tiers that were actually introduced some time ago.

“In the last six months, we’ve found that many players have started to lose interest in reaching a higher tier after reaching Ace tier. So, in the two newest seasons, we added new tiers, new achievements, and the Conqueror Badge to encourage everyone to keep aiming for the sky in each season. We hope you’ll like these additions.”

Though the wording of the dev talk response makes it relatively clear that two new seasons above Ace were added in the previous season and carried into the current, it’s the clarification of their existence that’s causing confusion. It’s very old news. Back in Cycle One Season Two, the Ace tier was expanded with the Ace Master and Ace Dominator tiers. Both new tiers required 500 more ranked points than the previous one to reach, with even more luxurious rewards awaiting those who bothered to make the push.

The reason for their existence, as outlined by the post, was that prior to the change, Ace players had basically reached the top of the boards and were giving up ranked soon after. The Conqueror tier above didn’t have a point requirement, instead comprising of players who had continued to gain points after reaching Ace. With a limit of 500 players per server able to hold the Conqueror title at any one time, it became less of a test of skill and more of a demonstration of who had more time to play.

The post published on Dec. 5 (which was actually an excerpt from a post published on Nov. 30) arrived many months after the mentioned expansion of the Ace tier. It looked as if it was attempting to answer a recent question pondering whether any additions would come to “tiers and relevant experiences,” when, in fact, it was either answering the question that resulted in the Ace tier expansion or simply fabricated a question for the sake of explaining why these two new tiers were added in the first place. In the closing sentence “We hope you’ll like these new additions,” it was, again, implied that the new tiers weren’t already available when in reality, they were. And they are.

So, if you, an Ace Dominator player, read the latest dev post and felt overjoyed by the prospect of additional PUBG Mobile tiers and rewards, it’s time to taper those expectations. New tiers aren’t coming. They’re already here, and you’ve already blitzed them.

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