PUBG Mobile 1.4: Release Date, Features, And How to Download

It's a BIG month for PUBG Mobile

After an entire month of testing on the beta servers, PUBG Mobile 1.4 is finally set to release. This time tomorrow, the game servers won’t be taken down, but after a quick update, you’ll see a swathe of new features, maps, and events kick off the next month or two of in-game content. Here’s how to download the new update on iOS and Android, how much storage you’ll need, when the update will launch, and all the best new PUBG Mobile modes and features to look out for.

PUBG Mobile 1.4 Release Date

Now that it’s right around the corner, official PUBG Mobile social media channels have confirmed that patch 1.4 is set to launch tomorrow, May 11, 2021. This date coincides with the pre-confirmed plan to launch the highly teased and anticipated PUBG Mobile x Godzilla vs Kong collaboration with Legendary.

On the morning of May 11, the game servers will be automatically updated to support the new features. There will be no server downtime, but you’ll need to update your game manually to access the changes. If you can’t, you can continue to play on the old version but will be unable to play with those who do update.

How to download PUBG Mobile 1.4

Larger patches (version numbers ending in zeroes) can’t be downloaded through the game itself. To download PUBG Mobile 1.4, just head onto your device’s typical app store (so Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS devices). Either tap into the Updates tab or search “PUBG Mobile” to find the game again. Rather than an Install button, you should see an Update button you can tap instead.

iOS users will need 1.6GB of available space for the upgrade, whereas Android users will only need around 600-700Mb. Make room on your device and ensure you have enough mobile data available to complete the update before starting the download.

1.4 New Content and Release Dates

PUBG Mobile 1.14.0 brings a lot of new additions to the game; from a lengthy collaboration with film studio Legendary, to a new Deathmatch map to master. Below are some of the bigger changes you can expect to unlock as the weeks go on.

PUBG Mobile Godzilla mode

New Mode: Titan Strikes (Godzilla vs Kong)

Release date: May 11–June 8

The primary focus of this patch is getting a bunch of massive monsters to trapse around popular PUBG Mobile maps. Godzilla, Kong, Mechagodzilla, and those pesky Skullcrawlers are out in force, wrecking our favorite maps and scrubbing the newly constructed laboratories from existence, leaving valuable loot in their wake.

From now until June 8, the following maps will be subjected to assaults from Legendary monsters:

  • Erangel: Godzilla (May 11)
  • Sanhok: Kong (May 15)
  • Livik: Mechagodzilla (May 20)
  • All of the above: Skullcrawler

Each map’s signature monster will appear on Spawn Island before emerging onto the map as you drop in. Over the course of the match, it’ll slowly traverse the land, destroying new Apex Expeditionary Army outposts dotted around and blasting any skullcrawlers that start to nibble at its feet. While the bigger monsters aren’t specifically aggressive to players, the smaller ones are: a skullcrawler nipping at your heels too close to a titan can lead a swift smiting from the map’s own walking god of destruction.

It’s little more than shakeup to the regular threats of a Battle Royale match, but you can use the monster’s travel path to score some sweet loot. Here’s our guide.

New Mode: Titan Last Stand

Release date: May 25–June 8

Five days after Mechagodzilla makes its appearance on the returning land of Livik, you’ll get your chance to see the titans take each other on. There’s not a lot of information on this new mode just yet, but what we do know is that you’ll have to tap the helicopter on the Lobby UI to enter it— just like you did the subway entrance for Metro Royale. Points collected during this event can be exchanged for some new rewards, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out what those rewards might actually be.

New Feature: OTS

Release date: May 11

Now this one has caused a bit of confusion. The image posted to the game’s social media channels didn’t look too different to a regular in-game shot, and the acronym wasn’t expanded on at all. So if you’re stuck wondering what OTS mode is in PUBG Mobile, let us explain.

OTS mode stands for “over the shoulder.” It’s a new camera view mode that older players will know from games like Gears of War, Dead Space, and Resident Evil 4. For everyone else, it’s basically “Fortnite mode” in terms of view. Simply put, the camera is positioned behind and over the shoulder, behind the player character, which can make for more accurate aim at the expense of extensive corner peeking and fast movements. Just like FPS mode, OTS can be toggled mid-match with a dedicated button, with individual sensitivity settings available where you’d expect them. It’s a choice rather than a necessity.

New Mode: Microcosm

Release date: June 9–July 5

Once the big bad mosters have existed PUBG Mobile, Microcosm Mode arrives, turning us all tiny instead.

By firing up the mode from the lobby UI, you’ll drop into another new version of Erangel; one where five experimental labs hold the secret to turning players into Insectoids. Insectoids can damage other insectoids, but can’t be hurt by ordinary weapons beside the legendary Pan. It’s an utterly unique fight for survival where tactical shrinking is key to gathering supplies and quickly getting around the map. If you’re struggling with this one, we’ll have a guide up as soon as it’s online.

New Arena Map: The Hanger

Release date: June 1

Arena gains another new update this month with a brand new map that looks suspiciously like the iconic Call of Duty Killhouse. This map supports both Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, and Arena Training, becoming the first map to support more than one major Arena mode.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale removed

Removed Content

As is usually the case with a live service game like PUBG Mobile, the old must make way for the new. Patch 1.4 will see popular modes like Metro Royale and Power Armor removed from the game outright. Though they’re confirmed to “come back at a later date” following some changes, May 10 is the last day you’ll be able to play them for some time.

For the full 1.4 patch notes, head on over to the game’s patch site.

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