PSA: Xur is Selling the Future War Cult Armor Set in Destiny 2

Attention Destiny 2 fashionistas, another previously rare armor set is being sold by Xur this weekend. Similar to a few weeks ago, Xur is once again selling another of the original faction armor sets. This time it’s the Future War Cult’s Simulator armor, which is a more sci-fi design that is plastered with the FWC’s logo. So if you are a person big into Destiny 2 fashion or just need to fill out your collection’s menu, this is an armor set you won’t want to miss.

Each piece of gear costs 50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmer, but once you purchase it you can turn these armor pieces into ornaments for the transmogrification system. Once you own a piece of the Simulator set, you’ll be able to turn it into an ornament that can be fitted onto any existing legendary armor you’re wearing. For the unfamiliar, the Future War Cult was one of three competing factions that players could align themselves with. Back then, users were able to earn armor, weapons, and even exclusive exotic ornaments depending on who they sided with. The last time we heard from this group was during Season of the Splicer when the group’s director, Lakshmi-2, was killed by Vex when trying to control them.

Destiny 2 Future War Cult Armor

Along with the Future War Cult armor, Xur is also selling The Wardcliff Coil, The Bombardiers, An Insurmountable Skullfort, and Ophidian Aspect. Of the three, only the Ophidian Aspect boasts decent stats thanks to the +16 in Resilience and +20 in Strength. Xur is also selling several legendary weapons, with the only ones of note being Nezarec’s Whisper and Bump in the Night. The former is a glaive with\ Lead From Gold and Adaptive Munitions, which makes it a generally solid roll for PVE content. As for Bump in the Night, the roll is just okay. While it has the needed Chill Clip perk, it is missing both Demolitionist and Impact Casings. I only recommend grabbing this if you really need a Stasis rocket launcher with Chill Clip, otherwise, there are better options.

You can find Xur this week in the Watcher’s Grave patrol zone on Nessus.