PSA: Xur is Selling the Escalation Protocol Armor Sets in Destiny 2

Xur has returned once again in Destiny 2 and he’s selling another rather rare armor set that a lot of newer players definitely won’t own. Tied to the Escalation Protocol activity, these armor sets were originally some of the coolest-looking items in the game. However, with the vaulting of Mars, we lost access to this activity and the ability to earn the Escalation Protocol-themed gear. Thankfully, Xur is now selling it for all three classes in the Winding Cove in the EDZ.

These armor sets are the Yuga Sundown (Warlock), Abhorrent Imperative (Hunter), and Midnight Exigent (Titan). Each one features angular, robotic designs similar to the Season of the Seraph armor and IKELOS weapons. Every piece of armor costs 50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmer. Keep in mind, upon buying any piece of the Escalation Protocol armor you will be able to turn it into an ornament for the game’s transmogrification system. All of these armor sets will be available for purchase until the next weekly reset on May 2nd.

Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol Armor

Exotics include the Starfire Protocol, Armamentarium, Lucky Pants, and The Prospector grenade launcher. None of these have particularly great rolls, however, if you’re a Warlock I definitely suggest snagging a Starfire Protocol if you don’t own one. This is currently the best PVE exotic for this class, as it allows you to effortlessly spam fusion grenades at bosses and groups of enemies.

As for legendary weapons, there are a few good rolls that might be worth snagging. The first is the Under Your Skin bow with Archer’s Tempo and Successful Warm-Up, as this combo allows you to drastically increase your fire rate as you slay enemies or hit critical spots. Another good roll is the strong combo of Rapid Hit/Swashbuckler on the Lonesome sidearm. Finally, the Vulpecula hand cannon is being sold with Adagio/Outlaw which is great for both PVE and PVP.

Either way, make sure to snag some of that Escalation Protocol armor as there’s no telling when it will be sold again in Destiny 2.