PSA: Use Emotes and Finishers in Destiny 2’s Guardian Games

Destiny 2’s latest event is finally here and it’s all about class warfare. Guardian Games pits Warlocks vs. Hunters vs. Titans in a competition to prove which class is the best. This is done by earning medals, completing in class-focused Crucible matches, or battling out for the best score in strikes. There’s also new loot and cosmetics players can earn or purchase. Of course, some of the best rewards are tied to achieving Platinum scores in both the Supremacy and Competitive playlist. Thankfully, getting a Platinum score in Destiny 2’s Guardian Games’ Competitive playlist is fairly easy so long as you remember to use emotes and finishers.

To achieve a Platinum score you need to earn medals for doing various things in this activity. It can be anything from killing a bunch of enemies with your Super, using specific elements, or just not dying. However, one of the best ways to achieve a high score that I don’t ever see folks doing is performing emotes and then immediately doing a finisher on enemies. While it doesn’t work on red bar enemies, this combo can net you some big points when you slay a Champion or even an orange bar foe.

Destiny 2 Finisher Guardian Games

For example, when I run up on an Unstoppable Champion I will stun them, lower their health, emote, and then quickly perform a finisher. You don’t need to do the entire emote, so don’t worry about the duration of the animation. If you do this combo you’ll earn the Giant Slayer, Finishing Touch, and Insult to Injury medals. Doing this for every orange bar and Champion enemy will help you easily achieve a Platinum ranking so you can nab all those juicy rewards. So next time you drop into Destiny 2’s Guardian Games: Competitive playlist and see someone emoting in front of a Champion don’t steal their kill!