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PSA: It’s a Good Time to Farm Last Wish Deepsight Weapons in Destiny 2

Along with new activities in Season of the Deep, players can chase after the Last Wish raid’s Deepsight weapons in Destiny 2, and now is a good time to do it. It takes five Deepsight extractions to get its pattern for crafting, and they’re not so easy to get. 

Fortunately for players, the Destiny 2 Team Twitter account noted that a bug allows double pattern progress for Last Wish Deepsight weapons purchased from Suraya Hawthrone. Typically, a single extraction counts as one pattern progress. But for now, Hawthorne’s Last Wish Deepsight weapons grant two pattern progress per extraction. 

Bungie will fix the bug in a few weeks, but the team encouraged players to take advantage of this farm until then. A few weeks is a vague amount of time, so it’s better to start on it sooner rather than later.

Also, looting raid chests through the Wall of Wishes checkpoints — like the chests by the Shuro Chi encounter and Morgeth — can drop Deepsight weapons, according to players on the Destiny The Game subreddit.

If you’re not in a rush, there are two guaranteed ways to get Deepsight Last Wish weapons every week. First, do the new weekly quest from Hawthorne at the Tower called O Deepsight Mine that asks you to complete every Last Wish encounter for a pattern progress reward. Finishing this quest lets you purchase a Deepsight weapon for 20 Spoils of Conquest — a currency from completing raid encounters. However, Hawthorne only sells Deepsight versions of Last Wish weapons you have already obtained. Besides that, you can farm your way through the raid encounters or just run through the first Kalli encounter numerous times. 

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