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PSA: Get High Level No Man's Sky Ships & More Via Twitch Drops

A-Class starships, plus a bunch of special cosmetics, are up for grabs in NMS for a limited time.

Watching Twitch for high-level No Man’s Sky ships seems like a good deal. At least compared to buying them for yourself! Those things get expensive and even finding a good one can be a bit of a pain. So, for a limited time, I highly recommend watching an NMS stream or five. You can get not just one A-Class starship, but close to half-a-dozen. Not to mention a better Multi-Tool and some cosmetics to boot! It’s all in honor of the hefty Endurance Update launched earlier this week.

You can sign up for the NMS Twitch campaign here. The official No Man’s Sky website will simply ask you to log in with your Twitch account. You probably already have one of those at this point, but if not, just go to the streaming juggernaut and click “sign up.”

Don’t forget to link your platform of choice after that, too! You need to next select “Connect PlayStation,” “Connect Steam,” and/or “Connect Xbox.” Depending on which platform you use. Steam players: don’t forget to have your phone handy if you use Steam Guard. You’re going to need it to log in.

nms twitch drop account linking

Below this is an orange and white “Watch Now” button. This takes you directly to a Twitch page full of people currently playing NMS. For the most part, you can probably expect the streamers to continue playing the game for some time. Most of them will also probably specify that Twitch drops are enable — either in the title of the stream, using the “Drops Enabled” tag, or both.

Note that, while it’s less consistent than it used to be, there are still anecdotal reports that muting a Twitch stream will disable drops. Make sure those videos are turned up and visible on your screen! Deocorum says you should be paying attention anyway… But if you really want to just have them on in the background, you can simply mute your browser tab. This turns off the audio without alerting Twitch that you’re not paying attention. We can confirm this method still works, too.

After that, just pick a streamer that seems interesting before you… sit back and watch! The whole process is pretty familiar to a lot of people at this point. Folks have been giving away in-game items through the streaming service for years now. It’s a good way to drum up both interest in the game and Twitch players. I most recently got some Warframe goodies during TennoCon this year, but for some reason I also hold a soft spot for the Valorant code gold rush back in the day.

Unlike those Valorant codes, however, these NMS Twitch drops are not random. You can actually see for yourself which items you have already and how close you are to the rest. See for yourself in the screenshot below!

no mans sky twitch drops nms

You can find this page by clicking the tiny envelope icon in the top-right corner of Twitch. There should be a notification there about No Man’s Sky under the “My Twitch” category. You can also reach this page by clicking on your profile icon and selecting “Drops” from the menu that appears.

More rewards become available the longer you watch. Naturally, the best stuff is tied to the longest view times. You need to wait two hours to get an A-Class Multi-Tool and three hours to get an A-Class starship. One hour will also get you a unique… “helmet” based on most of the characters in the Space Anomaly.

You need to claim every item from this page manually. It’s probably pretty obvious how to do that, but just for posterity, make sure to click the white “Claim Now” button you see in the previous image. This ties the item to the game on whichever platform you linked earlier. It’s also account-wide, meaning you can collect these rewards on any save. You just need to know where to go!

Specifically, this means talking to the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion. They’re an NPC on the Space Anomaly — which you reach very early on during the central NMS Awakenings storyline. This is the very same companion who sells you the Void Egg needed to get a living ship and it’s where you can find rewards from past or present Expeditions. As you can see in the screenshot above, they’re located just to the right of the Nexus (where you accept multiplayer missions).

There should in fact be a purple icon above the NPC’s head guiding your way, alongside an objective stating that Twitch drops are available. Just speak to them and pick the third dialogue option: collect Twitch rewards. From that point on, those items are yours forever!

On the other hand, the NMS Twitch drops themselves do not last forever. The whole event is split up across five days: with 24 hours available for each set of prizes. The campaign is already underway, too, with the first phase ending on July 22, 2022, at 8:00 a.m. (CDT). The drops as a whole end on the following Monday, July 25, at 8:00 a.m. (CDT).

Luckily, most important prizes repeat multiple times throughout the event. The starships all look different, but you can get one per day during the event, with each day flipping between a Hauler type or a Fighter type. The crown jewel of the Multi-Tools (at least in my opinion) is the infested, organic one available on day five. Everything else is basically a cosmetic. Nice to have, but not gameplay relevant!

Whichever way you slice it, though, this is a great time to grab some No Man’s Sky goodies. A-Class weapons and vessels aren’t the best of the bunch, but they’re close. Might as well add them to your fleet!

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