PSA: Ada-1 Has the Envious Touch Shader in Destiny 2

Since the release of Lightfall, the Black Armory vendor Ada-1 has had another role in Destiny 2 as the custodian of old and rare shaders. Each week, she brings a selection of three shaders to players, who can purchase them for Glimmer. This week, Ada has the Envious Touch shader from season 11, the Echoes of Io shader from season 1, and Dead Orbit Vision (a repeat from earlier in the season) from season 3.

Presumably you already grabbed Dead Orbit Vision earlier in the season, so the Envious Touch shader is probably the second-most noteworthy of this bunch. It was released back in season 11, the Season of Arrivals. That was the season immediately prior to the launch of Beyond Light, and while it stretched on far longer than anyone expected or wanted it to due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was still a good time in Destiny 2. We got some great weapons, like the Exotic grenade launcher Witherhoard and the legendary sword Falling Guillotine, and the storyline was pretty good too.

The Envious Touch shader itself, available from Ada in week in Destiny 2, is pretty neat. It has a textured effect that can be a little overpowering on some items, but looks great on certain armor pieces.

Players have until the weekly reset on May 23rd to claim the Envious Touch, Echoes of Io, and Dead Orbit Vision shaders from Ada-1. This is the last week of Season of Defiance, so hopefully Ada’s inventory will get an overhaul next season.

What do you think of the Envious Touch shader? Are you going to try it out on some of your Destiny 2 fashion, or are you a longtime player who had it already from back in the day? Which shaders do you hope Ada has in stock next season? Let us know in the comments below.