Praise Be, the Nintendo Switch Has Folders Now

Next stop, themes?

Five years out from its release, the Switch finally has some modicum of organizational system for its software. An update released last night added the ability to create folders called “groups.” Hurray for basic functionality! In all seriousness, though, it’s a welcome addition and one that solves a very specific problem that maybe only I have.

Previously, the Switch would just show you all of your installed titles in one pile, organized by recency of play. You could play around with the order a little, but that was it. Given the Switch’s small internal memory, I found myself uninstalling titles fairly frequently, but that brought its own problems — you’re either left with a screen full of titles prompting you to redownload them, or else you can’t see your entire library at all, unless you go into the eShop.

With the addition of groups, that problem is solved — I can simply remove games from the hardware, leaving their listing intact but not clogging up my screen. It’s the most basic form of organization, and it should have shipped with the system, but it’s better late than never. Unfortunately, you can’t use this feature to create a home screen populated by groups, so you’ll still have to scroll all the way to the right, select “All Software,” and then hit L to bring up your groups every time you want to access them. Mario giveth and Mario taketh away (or sometimes never giveth in the first place). Still, as a crystal-brained organizational freak, I’m legitimately excited to come up with an intricate schema for grouping all of my titles — before I inevitably just throw them into “played” and “unplayed” piles.

Also added in this update is the ability to adjust paired Bluetooth audio devices from either the Switch or the controls on the device itself. So that’s neat, I guess. Again, seems like something that should have been there all along. Can you believe the Switch didn’t support Bluetooth until last fall?

While we’re adding basic software features, how about themes? The Switch currently lets you choose between “Basic White” and “Basic Black” in its Themes menu, which has seemed to imply the existence of other, non-basic themes. None have been forthcoming, however. And that’s not entirely surprising when you look at the broader trends in Nintendo’s design decisions over the last few years. The company appears to be backing away from the customizability of the Wii and 3DS and towards a more uniform user experience. Maybe that would be a little less frustrating if that user experience was actually any good. How is it that the Switch eShop still doesn’t run that well? It’s your shop, Nintendo!

Still, though, folders. You can put stuff in them. You can make a group called “Mario games” and put games in there that don’t have Mario in them! Reggie can’t stop you, he doesn’t work there anymore. You can make a group called “shit” and Nintendo doesn’t even care! I tried it! The sky’s the limit, folks. Enjoy.