Pragmata Delayed to 2023, Also: What the Hell is Pragmata

Capcom's PS5 title is more than a year away which makes sense since we know little about it.

Announced at the PlayStation 5 reveal, Capcom’s Pragmata could easily be confused for a Hideo Kojima title with its decidedly strange visual themes. It wasn’t clear exactly what the game was about, but the CG trailer was as striking as it was confusing, and Capcom is a developer on a roll. There was plenty of reason to be excited about Pragmata.

The trailer ended with with a 2022 target year, but Capcom has now proactively delayed into 2023 by saying the game needs more time.

It’s an unfortunate delay, but also it’s hard to feel any particularly powerful emotion about Pragmata being moved to 2023 because we…really don’t know anything about it. We have a vague description and some strange designs, but we haven’t seen the game at all.

I mean, it looks cool! I think! But also, what is it? Is it a third-person shooter? Is it an open world game? We’ll find out by 2024, I think!

Funnily enough, while Capcom is stating now that Pragmata is a 2023 release, Sony accidentally leaked that way back in January. In small text during a PS5 sizzle reel, Sony accidentally listed Pragmata as 2023, long before Capcom hinting it would slip a year. It could just be coincidence, but I wonder if 2023 was always the plan and 2022 was either optimistic or misleading.