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Miraidon, Pokemon Violet's Legendary, is Just a Big Ol’ Dick

Someone pointed out the mascot character looks like a penis and I can't unsee it.

Miraidon, Pokemon Violet’s Legendary, is Just a Big Ol’ DickPokemon, not content with already having a chokehold on my life as the sole source of serotonin I’m getting these days, has begun emulating the Persona series in two very specific ways: 1. Creating daddies like Professor Turo and Peony that I can never have, and 2. making a monster that looks like a penis. Specifically, Pokemon Violet’s legendary mascot Miraidon.

Miraidon made its public debut in the second Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer that went live last week, and to be honest, I hadn’t thought much about the new legendary Pokemon that much given all the other information the video gave us. New professors, new co-op mechanics, and new cuties like Lechonk had me distracted from the big reptilian reveal at the end of the trailer. But as I was scrolling through TikTok this morning, a user by the screen name of @perfect.dodge brought to my attention that Miraidon straight up is just shaped like a dick.

Kotaku made the observation, as well. It really is most apparent when you look at the Pokemon from behind, because Miraidon has all the parts. The science fiction-inspired lizard creature has thrusters (lmao) for legs that clearly just look like balls attached to its shaft of a body, and @perfect.dodge’s video here really sells it when they outline the Pokemon from behind and it’s just…it’s all there. It’s a penis.


Reply to @iamsweets23 lmao this legendary is certifiably a dingaling. if you don’t see it idk what to tell ya #gaming #videogames #gamer #games

♬ Parody – Perfect Dodge

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Anyway, more dick jokes will come (I’m sorry. I’m sorry.) in the next five months between now and when Pokemon Scarlet & Violet come to Switch on November 18. But between Miraidon’s design and Professor Turo being a more prominent character, Pokemon Violet really said “hi gay, happy Pride Month. We are sashaying away with deals.” If you want to hear actual intelligent discussion about the next pair of Pokemon games, check out this week’s episode of Thanks for the Knowledge.

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