Pokemon Unite Teases Decidueye As Next Roster Addition [UPDATE]

The roster needs more characters that aren't from the first generation.

Update: Decidueye will join Pokemon Unite’s next Friday on November 19.

It looks like Pokemon Unite’s next roster addition is imminent, as Decidueye is being teased after the character leaked last month.

The tease included a post on the game’s social channels, which showed arrows being fired in the game’s arena. The caption reads “nock nock! Who is that flying true like an arrow in the #PokemonUNITE arena?” Decidueye is a grass/ghost type pokemon that uses its wings like a bow and arrow, which implies it will be a ranged attacker when it eventually comes to the MOBA. It’s also the latest starter pokemon to be added to Pokemon Unite, alongside all three Generation I starters, Greninja, and Cinderace. Decidueye is the fully-evolved form of Rowlet, the grass starter in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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Decidueye will make the 26th playable character in Pokemon Unite. The game launched with 20 pokemon in its roster, but has been steadily rolling out new ones since the game launched on Switch back in July. Some of the post-launch characters have included Gardevoir, Blissey, and Greedent. Decidueye will bring some much-needed Generation VII rep to the game, as Zeraora and Alolan Ninetales are the only other characters who debuted in Pokemon Sun and Moon as of this writing. Broadly, the roster favors the first generation, with 10 total originating from Pokemon Red and Blue. So anything we can get to disrupt that and make the roster more balanced is alright by me. (Although I would have loved to have seen Torterra, my favorite starter, added as a Defender class character, too.)

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